Guidelines and Style Guide

Submission Guidelines

  1. Submissions must be sent as Microsoft Word attachments (.doc or .rtf) via email:
  2. Please make the Editor’s job easy, run a simple spelling and formatting check via your preferred software.
  3. For fiction, each submissions must be a new email thread.
  4. For poetry, submit all the poems as attachments in one email.
  5. For reviews and essays – We prefer if you send a query first.

  1. Please give the document an appropriate title. Best would be <author> – <piece title>.
  2. Use an appropriate email subject: “Submission: Short Fiction/Poetry: <your name>”.
  3. Do include a two-three line third person professional bio of yourself, in the body of the email, along with your country and city of residence. Please give details about education, publications, and work information, preferably hyperlinked.
  4. Please attach a square picture of yourself along with submission files. (In case we are not able to illustrate your piece – a picture of you will be the thumbnail image of your published piece)
  5. For short fiction, essays and reviews, we encourage pieces which are between 1500-4000 words. In case it exceeds the word limit, we are open to consider it if it is exceptionally good.
  6. We accept poetry of any length.
  7. Submissions are open all year round. Deadlines differ for themed editions.

Font – Times New Roman – Size 12 – On Document – Your name – Your piece(s) name at the top.

We like receiving a submission like this –

(Your submission follows all the above: format guidelines, font size and style, word count, has a professional bio, includes information about city and country, and has your picture attached – that means you respect the voluntary team of editors who work late nights after regular working hours, reading your work and the magazine itself. That means, we respect your commitment to make this easier for us and thank you for considering The Bombay Review. This general courtesy and the following of submission etiquette, will give you an edge over the 200 submissions received per month.)

52 thoughts on “Guidelines and Style Guide

  1. Hello, I am writing a fiction story for the 20 under 30. I wanted to know if I can include few Bengali words as dialogues with an English translation on the side or does the whole piece have to be strictly English?

    1. Hello, while short stories in international journals do have words in a language other than English, the count and audience for those are fewer. We would suggest English, but one-two words dialogues could be in regional langauge. Having an English translation on the side is definitely not the way to go about it. It should be able to stand and add flavor thematically to the story on its own. If it needs to be transated and explained to the reader, it is better off not being in the story.

  2. Hi. Is it absolutely necessary to attach one’s picture?

  3. Is it possible to edit the document after the submission?

  4. hey, are simultaneous submissions accepted?

  5. Are you accepting reprint interview submissions?

  6. hello.
    if our article is published in an online issue, will it be printed in the annual printed magazine as well? if so, how can we order it?

  7. hello. will we receive a hard copy of the magazine if our article is published?

  8. Do you accept poem that has already been published in a local newspaper?

  9. Hi, I see that submission for fiction requires 1000-4000 words. Would you consider less than 1000 words as well? (if its interesting)

    1. Yes, we would if it is interesting, but it has happened around once, or twice, in the last 7 years. 🙂

  10. Can I submit non-fiction pieces?

  11. Can an author submit a critical analysis/essay written on ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’?

  12. How soon can one hear after the submission?

    1. Hi, we reply between 10 – 60 days from date of submission. If we haven’t after the time frame, feel free to send us a reminder.

    1. Hello, yes, you can. But we prefer not to publish pieces that have appeared anywhere, personal blogs and social media included.

  13. Hi, are simultaneous submissions allowed? Say, out of the poems sent for submission if one of them gets published elsewhere and we inform you of the same, would the other poems sent be considered?

    1. Hello, yes, they are good with us. However, because we take up to 90 days to respond due to volume, it might not be the best idea. But yes, the other pieces will be considered.

  14. Hello, is previously published work accepted?

    1. Hello, unfortunately, we don’t consider previously published pieces at this point of time.

  15. Is essay submission also a part of the competition if yes then what is its word limit

  16. are poems by students aceepted?

  17. Hey. Do you accept submissions that may have R rated content? Not vulgarity– but with themes that deal with adult content?

  18. Is there a limit to number of poems submittable?

    1. Not really, but we prefer to read <5 at a time.

  19. Have a few questions:-
    Can I get editor’s or magzine email id , for submission?
    Can we send our work round the year irrespective of your monthly theme?
    Is there any fee you charge for enteries?
    If not selected, will we get a review by your team still?

    Will you revert to non select peices with review too?

    1. Hi!

      Email –
      Submission guidelines and details –
      Submissions are welcome year round.
      There is no submission fee.
      Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions, we are not able to provide feedback or review to pieces not selected by us. Occasionally we might provide your Workshop to better the piece.
      We try to respond to all mails within 90 days, but sometimes this might not be possible as well. We suggest mailing us again (on the same trail) after 90 days.

      Thank you for your time!

  20. What is the minimum of poems that we need to submit?

  21. Hello, are writers notified if their submissions are rejected?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello, we try to respond to all within 60 days. However, if we haven’t feel free to send us a reminder.

  22. For the upcoming Special Issue on LGBTQ+, is there any word limit for a submission to the Essay genre or does the same count as for Short Fiction (1000-4000) apply for the essay, too? Thank you.

  23. While sending our essays, do we have to stick to topics provided in the upcoming issues?

    1. Hello, no, we are always open to submissions for our regular issues. We do prefer cultural, literary and art related essays.

  24. Can someone submit a short story that he shared on facebook?

  25. Can an author submit a short story shared on Facebook by the author himself?

  26. Hi!
    Is the magazine open for submissions?

  27. How do I submit my work for student writing ?
    Is there a minimum number of poems to be submitted per submission?

    1. Go ahead directly, and submit to our regular submission ID, along with a 3-4 line bio, mentioning age and school/college. Hope that helps!

  28. Will we be notified if rejected? If yes then how much time will it take for us to receive the notification?

    1. Hello, at the moment no. But we should be starting by year end.

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