Editing and Mentored Publication Program

(For longlisted entries only)

Improve your writing now!When it comes to writing short fiction, putting your story on paper, or screen, or your cell phone, is only the beginning. A further process might be required to make it readable, having merit for publication, and ready to be shared with readers all over the world.

Luckily, we are here to help! Starting June, 2020; we have a new mentorship and publication program that selects your writing for what-it-could-be by factoring in some basic plot changes, simple grammatical editing, character arc development, structure, and so on.

What does this mean? The Background:

The Bombay Review receives hundreds of submissions every month. For close to six years, we have been selecting, editing and publishing the best pieces we receive. Our acceptance rate borders at about 5% and we realized that we were not able to publish all the works we would like to.

What is the new model?

For pieces that do not make the 5% cut, but are in the top 15% in terms of storytelling and quality, we now offer an editing and mentored publication model. Through this, you will receive proofreading and copy editing services for your piece. An editor will communicate with you, make changes, and work on a final, publishable draft of your piece before The Bombay Review runs it.

Apart from receiving valuable feedback, mentoring, and a cleaner version of your piece, publication in The Bombay Review paves the way for more acceptances of your work in different magazines and journals.

What is the difference between the short-list and the long-list?

Short listed pieces are selected to be published as is, and do not require any kind of payment from the author, who will in fact be paid from us, starting next year. Long listed pieces are ones that we believe have potential but require professional editing services from our side for which we charge a fee.

What will the editing entail? All or some of the below:

Improve your writing now! (2)-minDocument analysis: Underdevelopment, Points of Confusion, Missing Information, Narrative Inconsistencies, Manuscript Strengths, Manuscript Weaknesses, Comments

Copy Editing: Consistency and Clarity of Style, Tone, Ideas and Concepts, Unnecessary Repetition/Redundancy, Sentence Structure, Flow and Transitions, Conciseness, Paragraph Structure

Proofreading: Punctuation, Singular vs Plural, Grammar, Subject-Verb Agreement, Typographical Errors, Verb Tense, Basic Word Choice, Spelling Errors (especially when using words from a foreign language)

Important information:

  • Your published piece will not show/mention that you subscribed to our ‘Editing and Mentored Publication’ model. This is to ensure that the quality of the piece speaks to the readers, and all credit goes to you, the author.
  • You might have to engage in a phone discussion/textual chat with the editor, take part in simultaneous editing on Google Docs at a predetermined time, and have a healthy exchange regarding edits/changes made to your piece.
  • Not all pieces will require a heavy edit. If you have received information about paid services, your writing is already in the top 15% of what we receive. There might be a chance that your piece is selected for publication with minimum edits, which is why this program is two-fold: Editing ‘and/or’ Mentored.
  • You are of course, welcome to keep submitting your work, and if it makes it to our selected 5%, there will be no fees to be paid, either for editing, or for publication.
  • Currently, this model is only available for Short Fiction. Poetry submissions will be accessed, edited, and selected as per the norm.

What are the costs?

We charge a moderate figure: There are three rates, and the cost to you would depend on the category under which your piece falls under. As a writer you can also think of this as a reading fee but with the knowledge that your piece has been accepted for publication already.


Please note that the cost of the service does not depend on what the writer wishes to avail, but on how much editing is required for the piece. The Bombay Review determines the amount of work needed on our side and then allots one of the above three categories to your piece. 

Why should you get published in The Bombay Review?

  • Admirers, partners (former/current) and mentors: Salman Rushdie, Ruskin Bond, HarperCollins, Aleph Book Company, Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, Anita Nair, Kiran Nagarkar, among many more.
  • Readership: Tens of thousands, from over 120 countries. From Sahitya Academy winners to Booker Prize winners, acclaimed writers are constantly in touch with us, interacting, reading, and lending support.
  • Events, Festivals, Projects: These have happened in countries all over the world – US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Syria, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, France, Japan. Upcoming ventures: Palestine, Iraq, Spain.
  • Publication perks: Worldwide readership primarily. Secondly, your name will be on the digital cover of the magazine, the covers of which are loved across the spectrum. Manu Joseph, former Editor-in-Chief, of Open Magazine once said, “I like The Bombay Review covers more than the Open ones. It is the most stylish magazine I have seen in a long time.”

Note: A sample piece showing our edited version v/s the submitted version is available on request. Write to thebombayreview@gmail.com for queries.

Please make sure to go through our Submission Guidelines and Publication Policy, before availing the service.

By accepting to pay and avail the service, you understand that you have read the contents of this page, the publication policy (linked above) and agree to our terms and conditions.


5 thoughts on “Editing and Mentored Publication Program

  1. As part of a demo for the E&SP, Bombay Review helped me edit my short-fiction. As a first time writer, I am so grateful for the time they spent giving me tips, critical comments on how to flesh out my characters, improve my story arc and make it more appealing. A truly helpful initiative that provided me with insight, not only for this particular piece, but all future endeavours.


  2. I got rejection mail two days ago…can I still get editing from you after paying the fees? I know it can’t be published because i didn’t get into the longlist but just wanted for my own knowledge


  3. I would like to access the facilities to make my works better in quality and content. I would be glad if you go through my works thoroughly and do the needful.


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