Feedback & Testimonial – TBR Editing and Mentorship Services

July, 2020

“The editor at The Bombay Review was so brilliant with critical inputs on my story. His feedback made me realize what I had unconsciously thought about a particular dialogue and setting, but overlooked it during the course of my writing. He knew what my readers would expect from certain turns in the story. It was so helpful to have an editor who re-looked at my story with a different eye and ear. When my story came back to me after editorial comments, I not only noticed the occasional lapses of grammar and syntax, but also discovered a better perspective on a very important scene.”  

“Working with TBR has been an enriching experience for me as a writer. I learnt about the errors in my writing and how to make it more effective. The editorial guidance turned my story into a well-polished, crisp, and impactful final product. The editing of text and syntax error corrections were precise and made the narrative compact. The plot now feels much more coherent. The discussions were quick, and I felt safe as a writer, knowing that neither my story, nor my writing style were being modified and at the same time I got to learn immensely from the guidance provided.  I wish I always get to work with such an amazing and creatively sensitive editorial team. It has been a blessing and a great learning experience. Thank you.”

“The editorial team at The Bombay Review has been fantastic since the beginning. I am appreciative of their respect for the artistic merit behind my short story. I think their biggest strength is their quick apprehension of creative intent and the essence of the story at hand. Many of their pointers were useful in the sense that they provoked thought before action. It’s always a pleasure to get that perspective from your editor which adds that extra zing to  your work. Look forward to working more with the team in the future.”

“The editor on my piece turned out to be the best kind – empathetic but firm. They understood my story justifications without much back and forth, elegant solutions were made available for consideration, and errors were pointed out objectively. The process couldn’t have been more seamless. I would avail of this service again without a second thought.”
“A first rate literary magazine starting in this decade, The Bombay Review is a kind host to struggling wordsmiths. Team TBR is welcoming, attentive – and perhaps most importantly – patient with her authors. For that reason alone TBR will always remain my first port of call for reading established and new voices. The greenhorns among poets and writers will find TBR to be a sincere and comforting literary midwife.”

June, 2020

“As part of a demo for the E&MP, Bombay Review helped me edit my short-fiction. As a first time writer, I am so grateful for the time they spent giving me tips, critical comments on how to flesh out my characters, improve my story arc and make it more appealing. A truly helpful initiative that provided me with insight, not only for this particular piece, but all future endeavours.”

“TBR has a generous group of editors who helped me hone my word-craft skills while being respectful of my voice and my story. I would happily work with them again; and I feel honoured to appear among Bombay’s renowned list of authors.”

“The Editing program introduced by TBR is an outstanding initiative towards mentoring of promising authors. The vastly experienced editorial team works relentlessly with the author on a chosen piece, inevitably enhancing the literary value of the original submission. While it covers the fundamental aspects of good writing like correct spelling, grammar and format, it  moves beyond to make invaluable contributions to the plot, flow and content. The collaborative approach results in a better story and a more creative writer. I have personally learnt tremendously during the editing process and feel enriched by the experience.”

“Your editing process was really good. Gives lot of insight.”

“The editor and the process? I would submit that I thoroughly liked your extremely professional and collaborative process, the editors are astute, responsive, and amiable!”

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