A Song of Laziness – Santosh Kalwar

Yesterday it seemed

the song wouldn’t leave the ground.

It was time, it should

at least manifest a green petal.

I spurred the universe,

“Get up, addicted song.”

– I said to her –

I’ve sworn you,

don’t be scared of me,

I shall munch you up,

Song with four leaflets, warbling

verse for four hands,

you’ll take a drink with me. Rise,

I’ll reward you among the classical songs,

we’ll go out along the beach

of the sea, on a (bi)cycle.

No aid.


Santosh Kalwar works as a poet, writer and researcher. He is the author of the novel That’s My Love Story, published by Mahaveer Publishers. His poems and articles have appeared in Mad Swirl, unFold, Rusty Truck, New Polish Beat, Chiron Review, and others. For more info, please visit: http://kalwar.com.np