Awake-Tapan Mozumdar


Illustration by Sukanya Roy

tired of rituals,

the crane untangles itself.

dying to screech,

to be indecent

and to be all

that has never been

expected of him.

his naïveté

doesn’t understand

the invitations,

the seductions

the long-winding cajoles

needed to perform

a simple act,

as simple as


catching a fish or,

fly away to the other side.


but patience, he is told,

is a virtue

and the other side,

he now knows,

enjoys the game.

Tapan Mozumdar is an engineer by training and a real estate builder by profession. He has interests in poetry, short stories and now, in photography. He has an anger issue, which is under therapeutic measures now for mitigation. He is 50 and lives in Bangalore with his parents and wife. His son is 20 and studies digital design.