Chameleons – Samartha Madan Ingle


She does reflect

She does take form

She hath no surfaces

She seems to have no sides

She is a rock betwixt all rocks

She failed to fly when she was sky

She is surely for all purpose, chameleon

She is without a doubt him, in the light of day


He is Milo

He took a pill

He became Maria

He remains unaltered

He hates all just to love you

He cuts himself for every laugh

He is surely for all purpose, chameleon

He is every one of them in the dark of night


They embrace as

They strangle you

They are legless dancers

They are hippies with guns

They are single-fingered painters

They are artists with petrol bombs

They are surely for all purpose, chameleon

They are all me, for measureless time, and again



Samartha Madan Ingle pursued a career in dental surgery, but shifted interests to the video-game industry. While working as a freelance video-game designer in Hyderabad, he fell in love with poetry and has had a literary awakening reading Edgar Alan Poe, Allen Ginsberg and the Upanishads.