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To submit your fiction, essay, review or poetry, send a mail to
Please read the submission guidelines, publication policy and copy right details before submitting.

To apply for internships, please mail the Editor, with your CV, and a cover letter detailing how best you can learn with us.
Email Id –, cc to


You can also use the form below.

22 thoughts on “Contact Us

    1. Hello Sudipta, since all pieces are online, it is easier to bookmark the page and go back to it when needed. Alternatively, you can hit ‘right click’ and save. Thank you.


  1. Pl. Dispatch a sample copy of The Bombay Review on cash on delivery please .


  2. Can I anyway contribute to your team? Unfortunately I can’t be physically present in Mumbai. Just wanted to know if that was possible


    1. Yes, you can. Think of the best way you can help us, and drop an email. We will take a look. All positions are voluntary.

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  3. Hi,
    I would love to be a part of this family. Kindly tell me the procedure to join.


  4. When is the Anthology generally released and what is the criterion for a piece, already published in the magazine, to make the cut? Thankyou


  5. Greetings to The Bombay Review Team,

    I recently published my book called Serendipity – A compilation of romantic poetry. I’d be honoured if you could review my book .

    Please let me know which address I can courier my book for it to reach you.

    Kavita Shetty.


  6. With the due respect I want to say that I am interested in being the member of “The Bombay review”
    Please tell me the procedure. .
    Manal Ansari


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