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Testimonials and feedback for The Bombay Review Creative Writing workshops, courses, editing services and mentorship.

A first rate literary magazine starting in this decade, The Bombay Review is a kind host to struggling wordsmiths. Team TBR is welcoming, attentive – and perhaps most importantly – patient with her authors. For that reason alone TBR… More

Prabhakar Singh

The editorial team at The Bombay Review has been fantastic since the beginning. I am appreciative of their respect for the artistic merit behind my short story. I think their biggest strength is their quick… More


Working with TBR has been an enriching experience for me as a writer. I learnt about the errors in my writing and how to make it more effective. The editorial guidance turned my story into… More

K01 (Anonymous)

The Editing programme introduced by TBR is an outstanding initiative towards mentoring of promising authors. The vastly experienced editorial team works relentlessly with the author on a chosen piece, inevitably enhancing the literary value of… More

Aninda Mukherjee

TBR has a generous group of editors who helped me hone my word-craft skills while being respectful of my voice and my story. I would happily work with them again; and I feel honoured to… More

Annabelle Baptista

The editorial team was wonderful to work with. They are aware of the writer’s heart when suggesting changes to a story, wanting to explore additional areas or improve the text to give the story more… More

Bob Varghese

The editor on my piece turned out to be the best kind – empathetic but firm. They understood my story justifications without much back and forth, elegant solutions were made available for consideration, and errors… More

A01 (Anonymous)

The editor at The Bombay Review was so brilliant with critical inputs on my story. Her feedback made me realize what I had unconsciously thought about a particular dialogue and setting, but overlooked it during… More

D01 (Anonymous)

I benefited greatly from the support TBR provided in mentoring and editing my short story. It was the first time for me to work with a professional editor who gave me feedback that was highly… More

M01 (Anonymous)

Being a part of TBR’s creative workshop was a great learning experience for me. I got hands-on feedback from the editor on the structure of my short story and writing style. My editor sent me… More

Mariam Shareef

The Bombay Review Creative Writing Workshop Editor who worked on my short story “The Emergency Exit” and helped me improve it considerably was a perfectionist with a great insight into the craft of fiction writing.… More

Ajanta Paul

In India, The Bombay Review is the greatest literary magazine; I joined their creative writing workshop for improving my writing skills. The mentor had gone through my writing, suggested how to improve my grammar, choice… More

Samir Mallick

The interaction with the folks at The Bombay Review was an extremely enriching experience. Both insightful and educational, for an aspiring writer to have someone critically engage with his / her work is a reward… More

Minal Vachali

I think every new writer venturing into fiction must work with the editors at TBR at least once if they wish to master the short format. The comments I received were invaluable lessons. It allowed… More

Shouvik Banerjee

The workshop taught me about the sacred relationship a writer holds with respect to his reader. It was clear to me that the team has a lot of experience in guiding young writers, and as… More

Nachi Keta

Fast, transparent, and insightful – these words best describe the workshop by The Bombay Review. I submitted my story and received a prompt response. The team was keen on clarifying my questions. It’s my first… More

Salini Vineeth

The workshop was a refreshing experience indeed. The story, post editing, reads much better. Thank you for helping me with improvements. There is one request though. An exchange of ideas, especially with regard to concepts like… More

Pallavi Ghosh

TBR’s short fiction workshop was very helpful for me, especially as a beginner in the world of creative writing. I felt that they had gone through every line with a keen eye. The comments and… More

Ayushi Agarwal

I understand it must have been difficult for you to guide me through this process via mails, but your team was very diligent. I am more than happy and grateful to have participated. The resources… More

Payal Priya