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After 8 years, the magazine is standing on the brink of a April-May, 2022 shutdown unless immediate funding is not received. All previous projects will be finished. Since the pandemic hit in 2020; The Bombay Review has shown stellar promise in the field of literature and arts of South Asia. The magazine grew:

Its website visits by 3,326% (Currently close to 500k)
Social media followers by 1,500% (Currently: 29K)
Social media engagement by 2,200%

This was achieved by our dedicated team of volunteers who worked extra hours every day to contribute to the magazine’s growth. 10 Fellowships, 2 Creative Writing Awards, funded projects for LGBTQ+, Dalit writers and multiple giveaways were funded by team members/volunteers ourselves in the year 2021 (some ongoing).

Thank you for your consideration

Hope you and yours are safe and well during these times of the pandemic. Like the rest of the world, all of us at The Bombay Review were hit as well. Our issues and workshops are running delayed, the response time to submissions has gone up, we have lost family and friends, and our small little community will never be the same again.

how do we work?

The Bombay Review is an online and voluntary magazine, run from the comforts of our homes, by volunteers across the world.

  1. We don’t have an office now.
  2. We don’t have advertisemsnts on the website.
  3. The Bombay Review is not part of any institution, organization and parent company.
  4. We receive occasional donations from kind individuals who admire/enjoy the work we do.
  5. Special editions of different countries are funded by raising donations from their region, non-profits, and partnerships.
  6. We do not charge to participate in any panel, festival, or event conducted by a university.

Current Projects we are trying to raise funds for (2021-2022)


  1. To not Shut Down this summer of 2022

20 Under 30 Anthology (Target achieved)

But most importantly?

Our own volunteers: social media team, illustrators, editors, reviewers, writers and the hundreds of hours put into this every month.


  1. The Ukranian edition
  2. Palestine Special Edition (in collaboration with Palestine Writes – ongoing)
  3. Lebanon Special (Edited by MK Harb (
  4. The Caucaus Edition (Georgia, Armenia, Ajerbaijzan)
  5. The Bulgaria-Romania Special Edition

Post the covid pandemic

We are now at the crossroads, looking for donors, sponsorship and funding. Unfortunately, the way we have been running this magazine and our projects has been through our own personal savings. The pandemic has taken a terrible toll, and while we were all working voluntarily since inception; 2020 has changed everything.We realise that it is becoming increasingly difficult to run it this way and we need your help. So far, running and contributing to this for seven years has been a labour of love from the entire team. Please help us sustain.

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