Eli Yona – Four Poems


  1. The Fig

The Pomegranate said: I am a King.
The Olive: I am Holy.
The Wheat: nobody will wish to eat me.
The Barley: nobody will wish to drink me.
The Grapevine: nobody will wish to eat or drink me.
The Palm: I am myself naked and don’t believe in clothing.
Only the Fig: was willing to cover Eve and Adam’s genitalia.
Since she provided their body cover and clothing
God told her:
Nobody will break you like the Pomegranate.
Nobody will trample on you like the Olive.
Nobody will abuse you like the wheat and The Barley.
Nobody will squeeze you like the Grapevine.
Nobody will hit you like the Palm.


  1. The roses’ war

    And in the Third day, twice as good,
    God planted the rose in his garden,
    Once in white, once in red.
    The white arrogantly told the red:
    I am coming of the God’s shining face,
    Of the light filled the Universe,
    And you? Where are you come from?
    Certainly from the darkness, that’s why
    You are so dark shady and depressive.
    The red didn’t hesitate and fought back:
    I came from God’s blood extract
    From the one streaming
    In Every life vessel, and you
    Purposelessly humiliating thy neighbor.
    They turned to their Creator, their Maker
    For his final decision.
    He replied them :

You both came from me,
But the thorns, O’ the thorns,
The thorns came from you!




    On a high mountain in Ceylon
    A man set and cried
    Of his tears rivers were created
    Of his rivers gems were created
    Sapphires, Amethysts, and Diamonds
    And people gathered them to their bosom
    What the man cried about
    For he tasted the fruit of the knowledge’s tree
    His tears would have turned to poisonous grapes
    Not to precious stones
    For being expelled off Garden of Eden
    His tears would have turned to thorns
    Not to precious stones
    For Abel’s murder
    His tears would have turned to blood
    Not to precious stones
    The man has cried since
    He is not a stone



  1. Binding down of Isaac and Ishmael

    “The deer came last” – Chayim Guri

    The deer got caught in the thicket
    And Abraham got caught in the deer
    Probably it’s a sign from God
    To nullify his plan
    To sacrifice male for a son
    To bind hooves not palms

Internal voice turning heavenly
And the knife ate the angel’s face:
Since you haven’t obeyed my order
And spared your only begotten son for me
Your sons will bind each other
Till the end of this and of this!


Translated by Eitan Medini