Happy Birthday – David Ishaya Osu

Illustration by Delna Abraham
Illustration by Delna Abraham

(For Ayodele Olofintuade)

I have stitched

you a wedding posy

with my pen

smooth her over

your tunic

she will be

a fence

for your bed

against incubus

smokes who skulk

behind green mornings (they want to nest in your quilt)

she will turn


for your rump

against winds aching, creeping

up the stairs

to steal your gold waistlaces

the play will

transpose to a poem


trapping those spectres

in your trawl

David Ishaya Osu is a young Nigerian poet. He has appeared in: The New Black Magazine, African Writer, The Kalahari Review, Poetic Diversity, Ann Arbor Review, Elohi Gadugi Journal, and elsewhere. He is working on his debut poetry book.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday – David Ishaya Osu

  1. A romantic, intimate work. Each word is a present of celebration!

  2. Oh I follow David’s work and Can attest to his prowess. This is so lovely. Short but powerful!

  3. Thanks, Su’eddie. No worries, your spouse will write you one soon. Hahaha

  4. Nice one… I like the imagery… Well done poet. Now, who would write me a birthday poem? 🙂

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