Help us bring Ukranian literature to you; coupled with the incredible generosity showed by the Polish community; and the Indian diasporic community in Poland

Update 21/04/22 – Here is the new page detailing submission guidelines:

Update 18/04/22 – Tickets and stay booked. We leave on 28th April, 202 2. Every single contributor/donor will be creditd for this edition on page one. Higher contributors will be on the cover and have the option of being Co-Editor if they help us edit the issue(s). There are two issues planned. Minimum donation amount is INR 500. This is historic, the first magazine edition of Ukraine, Poland and India post the war. Donors will be part of history. Literature: Fiction, art, poetry and interviews. And you will be one of the sponsors who made it happen.

Update: 13/04/2022 – We have received the Visa through expedition by Mr Damian Irzyk, Consul General, Republic of Poland, Mumbai, India

Update: (06/04.2022) Mr. Damian Irzyk, Consul General, Consulate  General of the Republic of Poland, invited us for a chat, and is working on helping this project.

For a publishing partner, this will be a mutual and collaborative edition, with promotional work done together. Email starts below:


To visit Poland for a literary/art/culture project about Ukranian refugees followed by publishing leading writers and artists from both Poland and Ukraine in a special edition of the magazine. It will be the first of its kind, and a historic one for being a post war edition. Read more/email below…

Support the first exclusive Ukranian Edition of a literary magazine with their fiction, poetry, art and more…

By making a contribution, you will help us to make stories that matter and you enjoy. All donors making a contribution of $1000 and more will be mentioned on the cover of the magazine.


Department of Public and Cultural Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Poland
The Bombay Review: South Asia’s Biggest Literary Magazine

Who are we: The Bombay Review (Estd. 2014) is the literary magazine based out of India and the United States, and operates in publishing, creative writing events, courses and workshops, media; and awards writing grants/scholarships to aspiring writers. We are a voluntary team, and the magazine is registered with the Government of India and has an active ISSN number (2582-5453) .All editions of the magazine are free to read.

Links: Website Link | Facebook Page | Instagram Handle | About Us | Contributors

More about the proposal: Looking to publish a special Ukraine-Poland edition of the magazine, and meet/talk with:

  1. Writers
  2. Poets
  3. Photographers
  4. Artists
  5. Graphic designers, from the region

The Bombay Review publishes special editions regularly, in a long-term project involving bringing world writing and art to our audiences in South Asia and North America. (Statistics added towards the end) Recent and upcoming themed editions: Iran (2 editions), Lebanon (upcoming), Canada, Pakistan, Israel (1 edition).

The magazine has received praise from Booker and Pulitzer Prize winners to New York Times editors, has done live offline events in 20+ countries, published writers from 80+ countries, and is in partnership with almost all the leading publishers in the world.

Upon reaching Warsaw:

  1. Meet with representatives from the Ministry of Culture, and the ‘The Polish Book Institute’ and work closely with them on their recommendations of writers and artists that would be interested in publishing with us.
  2. Finalise up to 30 such individuals and begin curating work for the special edition.
  3. The editor(s) will work on a travel story for a Creative Non-Fiction essay, talking about the country, the city, the stories of people, their history, the culture, the food and so on.
  4. Document via a professional camera for the piece mentioned above (Point 3), or for a separate photo story.
  5. Visiting tourist attractions, libraries, and the Old Town for interviews/stories.
  6. Once we have all the work confirmed for publication, we will head back to India and begin production of the special edition. Our team of editors, illustrators, cover designers, will work over it for the next 60 days and subsequently release the issue, with appropriate social media announcements.
  7. Collaboration badge/mention/credits will be given to all institutes who work with us as well as the Government Poland, and the Ministry of Culture.

Some statistics: about The Bombay Review’s engagement/readership.

  1. Monthly hits on the website/magazine per quarter: 100K to 120K
  2. Social Media: Instagram Followers: 11K
  3. Social Media: Instagram accounts reached/quarter: 1 Million
  4. Social Media: Facebook Followers: 17.5K
  5. Magazine Subscribers: 18.7K

Why are the Statistics important? TBR is a literary magazine that has no seed funding or commercial angle, and publishes for a niche audience that comes to the website for fiction, poetry and art only. The magazine doesn’t earn any revenue, is completely run by volunteers who have a single agenda: literature. That is a reason why we are not considered under media. We are a literary magazine.

Specific things that we are particularly interest in:

  1. The fact that Poland had suffered some of the worst atrocities of World Wars, and is now the biggest beacon of hope in an unjust war.
  2. We want to see and meet and write about the Polish people, the citizens, who are all going out of their way to support the Ukranians, suffering monetary losses themselves, but playing whatever role they can.
  3. Publishing you, what you are doing, in a literary magazine, and not a media news outlet/newspaper/news channel. This is a humanitarian effort: of fiction, and poetry, and art, and music.

Ukraine Edition |Poland Edition (Standalone)

Depending on the number of submissions we receive and curate, we can either publish a Poland edition alone, or club it with the Ukraine edition. (We are yet to finalize this, and it depends upon the responses from the Polish Government) Please note the production of any issue of the magazine takes 90-120 days.

What do the writers/artists gain from this project?

With a readership of those numbers, our audiences will love to see a special edition from and about a country, they unfortunately know little of and is CURRENTLY AT WAR We like to believe some of the greatest literature and art around the world is in Eastern Europe, and due to the cultural influence of Western Europe and the US, it doesn’t reach the world. Another barrier is translation, and a general lack of idea about certain countries. For example, our Iranian editions and the Israel edition brought tens of thousands of readers to those countries’ writers, and they were surprised to see the good work coming out from there.

Furthermore, the biggest publishers in the world (Penguin, Harper Collins, Scholastic) often publish writers’ first books after they have been published with us. We hope to bring this kind of exposure to writers from both countries to the Indian Subcontinent and to the US, and bring them to our 1 Million strong audience.

What we request:

  1. Meeting set up with the departments listed above
  2. A Voluntary Guide (if possible)
  3. A Letter for the Consulate in New Delhi, India
  4. Guidance and possible help with the Visa Application process (Interview is set for 7th April, 2022 in Mumbai)
  5. Permission to work with Ukranian and Polish writers and artists, and take their consent for publication

Expenditure Estimated:

Airfare (Economy) round trip from Mumbai to Warsaw and subsequent travelling€1500-2000
Accommodation at a Government Guesthouse or an affiliated hotel/stay (10-15 days)€3500
Modest Stipend to cover food and local expenses (per day)€100 – €120
Modest Stipend for volunteers based in Bombay who will work on the final issue Subject to availibility
Approximate Total Expenditure:€6500 – €10000

*Subject to availability of stay with a Government Guesthouse, the expense for accommodation will not be required. Please note we are also raising funding from private individuals and will in probability be able to stay at a place that kindly offers us their hospitality.

Coronavirus Update: About members of the team visiting Poland

If permission granted for two, then two team members will be selected for the project. Both are fully vaccinated and will carry a negative RT-PCR report of the last 48 hours. The duration of stay would be 10 to 15 days.

Thanking you in advance.