Editorial (August 2014)

Dear readers,

We are happy to bring to you the first issue of The Bombay Review. TBR is a magazine dedicated to publishing short fiction and poetry. Though based out of  Bombay, India, the magazine is open to submissions from throughout the world. It puts forth most importantly, its interest in capturing and archiving the sentiment of a new generation. The first issue, is an in house issue. We have pieces from the resident editors, as well as the editors in chief.

Despite it being an in house issue, the stories we have published follow no theme or genre : in fact they are quite varied and starkly unaware of each other. Having said that, it is important to note here that all stories (to talk of all stories in the world, that is) follow a pattern – so goes John Campbell’s ‘Hero with a Thousand Faces.’

Illustration – Garima Pura & Mashumi Dave

Thankfully though, admittance is defeated by adventure. Our writers for this issue have tried experimenting with style and method. Neil’s story, for instance, has a scaffolding of merely three sentences; a rant – putrid, yellow. Meanwhile, Sarah follows a similarly deconstructed narrative style to describe, not life, but essentially the large roles little things play in it and then the paradox of living itself. We haven’t, amidst all of this, lost track of the old tried and tested method of short story writing. It is wise perhaps, to explain our take on the contemporary setting here, wherein we believe there is always a newer context, an alternate setting or changing people to regard a story with.

It is this very contemporary understanding that we mean to explore in the coming issues along with a plethora of lab rat tales. Readers’ responses are always welcome to the editors, and we are no exception. Happy reading!


Yours sincerely,

Kaartikeya Bajpai
Aravind Jayan

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