House of Xass – Daniel Ableev

Illustration by Vaishnavi Suresh

I entered the astounding and obscure[1] house[2] through a tiny[3] orifice, which was much smaller than my bulky 0-year-old photonic body[4]. The first thing[5] I saw was a mucogingival wall[6], projecting[7] a constant data[8]-stream@[9]12 kb/s onto something. I felt an urge to log[10] into it, but I couldn’t succeed because apparently I lacked a very specific kind of[11] imbecility that was required for a proper anencephallic fornicate-up of my upper slum[12] (= brain[13]). To my left I saw[14] a little piece of UFO[15] (Ultrastrange[16] Flesh Oneiroid), which consisted, if perceived[17] correctly, of more than 20 album[18] reviews written by & in an arcane asylum[19] (which was also a crucial part of the UFO). I continued my “safidal”[20] expedition and encountered[21] only a few minutes later a rather[22] gross[23] man called Idiosincrazy Jr. who was ejaculating honey[24] out of his anencephallus[25]. I still didn’t care enough about such wondrous incidents and kept moving. During the next twenty minutes I met 34,000[26] people of different age, color, intellect, grossness, sex and color[27], but I could remember only one name – Xass[28].

“Who the fornicate are you?!” I yelled at Xass[29], “and what is so special about your properties that apparently enabled me to filter you out of so many fleshy[30] things?”

“I am the owner of this unique property,” he said, accompanying his statement by a rather abstract[31] movement with his sillily distorted hands, which jerkingly[32] flickered in and out of different structures, alternating[33] between four or five entropomorphic modi dadandi.

“I scarcely[34] understand.”

“Well, this house is my place[35],” he explained. “You are allowed to stay and call it … the House of Xass[36], if you wish to.”

“But what the bang[37] is happening[38] here? This ‘increasingly weird’[39] house is like the ‘Anne[40] Frank[41] of Erections[42][43], if you know what I meme.”

“I scarcely[44] understand,” he quoted SARSdonically.

“Well, you know, it’s really quite grotesQ in here. And I really don’t see any frickin’[45] purpose whatsoever. Like, tell me, for example: What the frell[46] do you need a huge Ultraodd Fetish Onolith[47] for anyway? I mean I can tell there’s some ‘utter bullshit’[48] goin’ on here.”

“The purpose, my friend, and trust me on this one, is the celebration of the creation and preservation of The Aesthetics of Mentioning Artists and Masterpieces of Art[49], which is mostly implemented via reviews, preferably reviews of and/or by progressive metal albums. Let me show[50] you.”

He exerted with his right hand (which surprisingly had an inscription on its back reading MANDIBLAIKA, probably some twisted[51] subspecies of a balalaika for the mandibula) pressure to the left side of his underjaw[52], and an almost[53] unnoticeable airstream diffused out of the cheekbone[54]. Xass started to follow the malodorant trail[55] of the strange gaseous substance, while I followed him, and soon we were both standing in front of a room with an LCD[56] on its door[57] saying: “REVIEW OF FARMAKON’S A WARM GLIMPSE IN PROGRESS[58].” He opened the door, and I saw[59] a primary school pupil[60] made out of orange and grapefruit juice[61].

“What the screw!” I roared in a monumental shock when confronted with[62] this completely “disturbian agg[63]lomeration.”[64]

“Let me elaborate: The very nature of the aesthetics of mentioning an artist or a work of art by reviewing an album, a hook[65] perhaps or per se[66], or a … schmiergel of some sort, well, I assume you’ve had enough examples for now … the very nature of the aesthetic entity pursued inside these walls is something that I call STRANGEOLOGICAL[67].”

“I might’ve heard[68] that one before.”

“Well, here you go[69] again. Don’t be disgusted by the … strange images that may …”

“… or may not …”

“Well, no, actually, I would insist on the ‘may’ part … where was I … oh yes … which may …”

“… or may not …”

“Well, no, actually, I would insist on the ‘may’ part … where was I … yes … which may …”

“… or may not …”

“Well, no, actually, I would insist on the ‘may’ part … where was I … oh yes … which may …”

“… or may not …”

“Well, no, actually, I would insist on the ‘may’ part … where was I … yes … which may …”

“… or may not …”

“Well, no, actually, I would insist on the ‘may’ part … where was I … oh yes … which may …”

“… or may not …”

“Well, no, actually, I would insist on the ‘may’ part … where was I … yes … which may …”

“… or may not …”

“Well, no, actually, I would insist on the ‘may’ part … where was I … oh yes … which may …”

“… or may not …”

“Well, no, actually, I would insist on the ‘may’ part … where was I … yes … which may …”



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Artist’s Note: The illustration has modified the album cover of Farmakon’s A Warm Glimpse and the book cover of Mark. Z. Danielewski’s House of leaves. No copyright infringement is intended.

Daniel Ableev, *1981 in Novosibirsk, Russia, is a certified strangeologist from Bonn, Germany; he has studied law and comparative literature, writes for the metal magazine “Legacy”, composes avantsounds for “Freuynde + Gaesdte and co-edits “DIE NOVELLE – Zeitschrift für Experimentelles”; ∞ publications in German & English, print & online (“Born to Fear: Interviews with Thomas Ligotti”, “Jahrbuch der Lyrik 2009”, “Alu” etc.) /