SukanyaSukanya Roy, born and brought up in Kolkata, is currently in Pune pursuing her bachelors in media and communication. She has been trained in classical music, kathak and has learnt fine arts for about 16 years. Her art has been displayed in solo and group exhibitions. One of her works, “the three musical women” is exhibited in Southfields Academy, London. She is a Real Madrid fan who indulges in photography and adores literature and geography.

73534_631237966893887_668868843_n Aarushi Periwal is a 17 year old who believes in living life one day at a time- with a grain of salt and a wedge of lime perhaps. Before turning to doodling and illustrations, she worked briefly for AD agencies and photography projects. She was once the editor of her school quarterly magazine but now writes for a smaller audience, cramping her thoughts in a blog when she feels under the weather.

IMG_20141017_120004Shristi Singh enjoys most of the general things in life- books, good telly, music and movies. A good dystopian novel, a science fiction starring Tom Cruise, music from the 80s, or a Doctor Who marathon is what a good day comprises of, for her. When not being lazy, basketball is her go-to sport. Her ultimate dream is to work at Google, and the bucket list includes: sky- diving, writing a best-selling trilogy involving aliens on earth, and buying an apartment in New York.

IMG-20130126-WA0013-2A true Bhopali by heart, Rashi Agrawal is a person who believes in living every moment of her life. Struck by wanderlust, she loves to travel and is a complete foodie. She loves how the play of colours can add meaning to one’s life. A lover and admirer of nature,she tries to capture the beauty of the sun light in her creations . Behind the calm and innocent appearance, she would not think twice about participating in a mud rally on a monster truck or a bike any day.

10942348_1557393421183056_269555573708573066_oVaishnavi Suresh is a second year media student at Symbiosis International University, Pune and wants the D. Doodles, documentary films and dosas. An insomniac, she is constantly oscillating between witty and completely nonchalant. She hasn’t grown an inch since seventh grade and, it is rare to find a time when she isn’t craving for red velvet cake.

SaanyaSaanya Chopra is a media student currently studying in Pune, who grew up in Abu Dhabi. The two things she can’t do without are food and creating art; she also indulges in the vast genre of fiction from time to time. Saanya aspires to excel in the field of advertising and hopes to create the new “Big idea”.


Malaika Sujeet is a Journalism graduate who once cried while watching the news and realised she wanted to illustrate children’s novels after all. She has worked previously for Penguin Random House Publishers, Femina and Filmfare Middle East. She is now working toward a university acceptance letter for a course in Illustration and hopes to draw herself into her dreams.


lisha Dhond , a  first year media student at Symbiosis Center for Media & Communication, is all shades of yellow. Gregarious and exuberant, she finds adorning a  smile as the best weapon to be triumphant over every problem in life.A nemophilist at heart, she loves nature photography, sketching,dancing and has an inclination towards political journalism. With over 3 lakh views on social media for her short film on Public Social Responsibility, she aims to advance towards her goal of making a change in the society through art and media.


Sagarika Tumkar is a Tim Burton fanatic, who never gets lost in a crowd owing to her very-above-average height. She goes jogging often to kill boredom or frustration. A passive creature by nature and Aquarian by astronomy, she is often found in her natural habitat painting or binge watching TV Shows.
Famida Basha, a wallflower living in Jeddah, enjoys the company of her cat, food, and solitude.  A self-taught amateur artist and a hobbyist balancing between her academics and her art page  @fluff.head on Instagram, hoping that one day she’ll be exactly where she’s dreaming of today with the colors in her palette.
Nabeel Ahmad is an ardent lover of Art and Literature. He grew up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and is currently pursuing his Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery at King Edward Medical University in Lahore. A foodie at heart and an indie music fan, he is always up for an adventure.


namrata_t-photoNamrata Toraskar, an architecture graduate from Mumbai, is currently pursuing her Masters in Interior Architecture & Design from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. While travelling across rural India, vernacular habitats and traditional lifestyles captivate her and induce a passion to illustrate the experiences she encounters. She has a keen interest in architectural design ideas that are rooted in culture, climate and cost-effectiveness. Adhering to her interest of crafting spaces, the practice under Sathya Prakash Varanashi in Bangalore always drove her to use natural materials while designing innovative, eco-friendly houses. She dreams to restore traditional knowledge systems and develop a database of built heritage through her illustrations on architecture and people.


Angela DiLella is a 22-year-old native of Connecticut, currently completing her MFA in creative writing at the New School in Manhattan, New York. She loves to illustrate her own stories and sometimes, when she is feeling particularly motivated, turning them into short, hand-bound comic books. She enjoys relaxing with video games, movies, and books, but is always up to explore the unusual, in whatever form that may take.



A writer by creation, procrastinator by fashion and a graphic artist by passion. Gulal Salil from Bhopal is a guy pursuing journalism in hopes of reaching the print kingdom with his words, hall rooms with his speech, and art with his intuition. He likes Hindi poetry and freaks out on typography. He designed the mast head and three cover issues.


A dreamer by heart, Aarti Ramchandran perceives her world through her rose colored glasses. She takes pleasure in the small things in life.  A third year architecture student from Mumbai, who wishes to be known for her sense of art.

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