its not good what they did to mediocrity-Neil Eustache

Illustration by Sukanya Roy

the bankers relied on it
even the common house cat needed it
christ there’s no questioning the music anymore
shit or even the lives of cowboys
the street fight and the pope
don’t get fixed
your culture has still a bad taste
try to eat like a leftist
less poisons i hear
makes breathing easier
they whoever they are
will count the days before and after christ’s return
if that fucker does come back
get him to give them freedom
take away racism
tear down logic and long line ups
at the quick exits
so that we can get on with
police brutality
cold breakfasts
and price fixing the poor back into boredom
they are choosing soon
new leaders
to cement us back into style form function
and mask it by calling it a revolution

Neil Eustache says it about himself that he has no fixed address, no phone number, is staying with his sister for the next month, and is classified as a status Indian under the Indian Act of Canada. He has no religion, no political affiliation, has been writing for 20 years, and is employed part-time as a roofing assistant. He is considered lower class because of economic status, but who needs money to have a status, he wonders.