May 12-TS Hidalgo

Illustration by Sagarika Tumkar

A lady, turned 98, died today.

Her name was Irena Sendler.

She left the lights (and TV) on.

During World War II,

Irena slept with a Saturday,

and donated the rain to our children:

she got a job as a nurse in the Warsaw ghetto,

but as a specialist in sewers and culverts,

her intentions were, fortunately, considerably beyond:

she knew what orcs were planning

(creating angels,

Hugo Boss clothing

(insatiable hedonism?,


an iron discipline,

inventing a New World Order…

those things),

so she pulled away Jews babies,

hidden in an ambulance,

in a toolbox,

and older children,

in a burlap sack at the bottom of it,

a total of 2.500;

she also had a dog of indeterminate breed,

whom he had trained to bark the orcs,

when she went in and out of the ghetto.

Naturally, the soldiers didn´t want to know anything about the dog

(whose barking covered the groans of creatures):

Irena slept with a Saturday,

and donated the rain to our children:

thus color blue arose

(as intense as the essence of the twilight sky above).

Spanish writer, TS Hidalgo (43) holds a BBA (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), an MBA (IE Business School), a MA in Creative Writing (Hotel Kafka) and a Certificate in Management and the Arts (New York University). His works have been published in magazines in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, South Africa, India and Australia, and he has been the winner of prizes like the Criaturas feroces (Editorial Destino) in short story and a finalist at Festival Eñe in the novel category. He has currently developed his career in finance and stock market.