Nikola Yozgof-Orbach



Following you


When Grandfather died

the taste of pleasure


into taste of tears.

Bitter silence

ruled over

the field of my soul.

Heavy blackness sank

In the depths of my body and

I sank under his grave.

I sank into the Mourning soil

as Orpheus,

as he sank like a rock in my heart

when I was born.


Right & left


Since you left

Only dark purple bruises left

around my soul.

Used as a decoration of

your presence.

Used as a wall

against shadows of your

memory. Since you left

Everything seems to be





Undress the language.

Remove all the ancient decoration

from the exhausted letters.

Let the biblical language


after 2,500 years.

Please, make the Hebrew naked again –

Remove those needless diacritics.