Selfieception – Sushant Kumar

Illustration by Shreya Popli
Illustration by Shreya Popli

“Capture this moment,” she said in her melodious mute voice

Right here, Right now

In this light, Or maybe with a filter

My love interest, Nicola, is obsessed with my rectangular existence

My love interest, Nicola, is my phone’s front facing camera

A picture’s worth a thousand words but a selfie is worth just three- I, Me and Myself

But Nicola asks me, “Am‘I’ not worth one thousand words?”

Pretentious pixelated presentation

Two-dimensional desperation

Fabricated feelings and frustration

Tags given to the ones who take selfies


A new form of digital self-rant err portraiture

Morning, sunshine! SNAP

Breakfast with the cuties and three unwanted emoticons! SNAP

Mother’s Day! SNAP Valentine’s Day! SNAP Every day! SNAP

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr SNAP SNAP SNAP SNAP


Are we caught up between falling in love with ourselves and wishing we were someone else?

We photograph ourselves to remind each other of who we are

Or maybe, who we wish others think we are

The dyed hair would wash away; the clothes would go out of style

And, hopefully, the duck face would get back to where it belongs

THIS IS NOT YOU. Perhaps, a deceptive doppelganger.

Historically, a photo was believed to take away a part of your soul

A photo is worth a thousand words but a selfie is worth just three- I, me and Myself

But Nicola still asks me, “Am ‘I’ not worth one thousand words?”

NO. Because the photo is not who I am. It’s a deceptive doppelganger.

And now I must know from my Dear Nicola,

Am I taking the selfie or is the selfie taking me?

Sushant Kumar is a media student living in Pune who writes for pleasure when he gets free from his assignments. A dedicated daydreamer, most of his works draw inspiration from human behavior in urban lifestyle. He is fond of coffee, rain and capturing life in photos.

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  1. A lot to learn from this – both as a fellow human being and as a fellow poet. Kudos!

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