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Guidelines and Style Guide

Submission Guidelines Submissions must be sent as Microsoft Word attachments (.doc or .rtf) via email: Please make the Editor’s job easy, run a simple spelling and formatting check via your preferred software. For fiction, each submissions must be a new email thread. For poetry, submit all the poems as attachments in one email. For… More

Publication Policy & Copyright

Please read all the guidelines and notices below. Once published and/or having notified The Bombay Review of your approval to go ahead with publishing, the author/poet cannot withdraw/modify their submission.  We do not consider previously published pieces, and are also not able to give feedback or provide comments on rejected pieces. Due to our voluntary working… More

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Reading fee: We believe that charging a reading/submission fee can put off contributors, many of whom are young writers and students, juggling multiple jobs. However, we would be happy to receive a fee if it is something that you can afford. By doing so, you also do your bit in contributing to a literary scene that runs on donations and goodwill. We hope you consider! Thank you!

Poetry: $5/poem – Paypal. (Are you the kind soul we are always looking for? Please consider $10/poem)
Fiction: $30/story – Paypal. (Are you the kind soul we are always looking for? Please consider $60/story)
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Have you been selected by us for publication? Want to help your fellow literary brethren? Please consider making a small contribution to the magazine and for the effort our artists put into making the cover which features your name, the production, and well, to help a creative endeavor. Hold on, while we check our credit alert, seems like a $100, or is it a $500? Thank you in advance! You are in our hearts. 

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90 thoughts on “Submission Details

  1. Hi, I am Smriti. I have been applauded for the poems I write and the meaning I hide in them. I would like to work with you so that people can relate to the pain I pen down. Any collection of words cannot alleviate the suffering of the other, but it surely makes them believe that they are not alone and such lines are here to make them feel okay. I would be grateful if you see some of my journals and poems and offer me to work with you.

  2. Hello,
    I’m Anurima Biswas, a class 10 student from Loreto Day School, Elliot Road Kolkata. I would love to work for you as writer because I feel that there is no better way to express your thoughts by pinning them down on paper, especially when it is from the youth. I would be highly grateful if you could offer me a chance

  3. Hello,
    I am Smriti Bhatia, student of class 12 from Ryan international school, faridabad. I am very passionate to write my feelings in the form of poetry. I have seen allot of things happening in my life and i thank to God that he can make me share my feelings in the form of poem. I want to be inspirational speaker in my future and think that this platform can help me in achieving my dreams and goals.

  4. Hiiii I am Imran Hussain Khan from Mumbai.
    I want to work for you as a freelance writer and my passion is writing. I want to become an inspiration for the world and I have suffered a lot in my college life… I have completed Fybsc and I have done communication skill course from my college.

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