Tama Hazak – Two Poems

Since evil has spread in the world


Since Evil has spread in the world

It keeps reincarnating over and over again

It does not even bother to hide its fangs

Does not even hide behind shadows,

Like an unripen fruit

And there is no corner of the world,

Which Evil did not penetrate

And today we observe it like sailors

And as if the Nightmare rules



A human being isn’t but


A human being isn’t but a handful of soil with spirit inside it,

Like a beet or a Mandrake root.

Life is but a nuisance

(pure brain power was given to children)

If a young woman blooms alone and unseen

Is it really a blossom?

So say the people at the coffee shop on the main road, it seems

And the sun dives into the tree-tops of the plane-tree and scatters its leaves.


Translated by Aya Azrielant