The expanding Universe -Ishan Kukreti

Illustration – Shreya Malpani

The Universe is expanding since Big Bang.

The Universe is expanding and,

galaxies filled with stars, planets, matter and us,

have been hurtling outwards at an incomprehensible speed.


Like scent, diffusing in all directions,

like the contours of an Amoeba,

with no rational logic,

without us noticing,

the Universe has been expanding.


NASA’s estimate places the figure at 46.2 plus or minus 1.3 miles per second,

but I, somehow, felt that it was quite an underestimation

as I walked your street again after those four awkwardly silent years.


The houses lining your street and the cars outlining them seemed to have moved further back since I last visited.

That badminton court at the corner and the park opposite it seemed to have acquired new dimensions.

The trees, the electricity poles, the garden hedges and even those rugged white stripes on that only and annoying speed-breaker seemed to be further apart than ever,

just like us.


I won’t heap the newly discovered vastness of Noida Sector 48, Pocket 4 on,

the immensely heavy ocean of longing in my heart,


the inevitable errors and upsets of the memory storing neurons in my Cerebral Cortex,


the fact that every time I visited you, things somehow got crammed in my pants,


that my heart was always in my mouth trying to jump out and enter yours.

No, I will reason logically and make the widely acceptable scientific phenomenon accountable for the increase in square meters of your block,

the Universe is expanding.


Could it be,

that our  words, promises and our confessions, diluted as they traversed against this space oddity to  reach our feeble ears and got incoherent?

That your goodbye, to reach me took four years and now my don’t go will take another eight and your reply 16?

That when every time I left your place it took me more and more time to come back, till I was so far away that I could not locate you anymore?

That as you waited for me to come back, you went further and further away to a place from where you couldn’t see me, feel me?

That all the time we were together, we barely managed to keep our hands clasped in a wildly swirling  universe and now have become the gap in The Creation of Adam that can never be filled?


Just like,

every time the body grows and separates the heart and the head further,

every time the centrifugal inertial reaction due to Earth’s rotation sends a part of the ocean crashing into the shore; never to be its own again,

every time Achilles runs faster Zeno moves the tortoise further away,

every time the craving is so much that the craved becomes irrelevant,

every time this sum total of archaic carbon atoms executes free will to harm itself,

we never knew that while we played spoons leaving no space between us, we were being flung apart at 46.2 plus or minus 1.3 miles per second because,

the Universe was expanding…

Ishan Kukreti is a journalist based in New Delhi, who tries to counter the negativity encountered while reporting news stories by writing poetry.
He is a pop-science fanboi and tries to write socially relevant poems, an endeavor which has not been fruitful so far.