They have come again – Terfa Danjuma Nenger

Illustration by Vaishnavi Suresh
Illustration by Vaishnavi Suresh

( for man and for politics)

They have come again

To bury our dreams

Beneath death streams

Falling from their lips

They have come again

Chanting creams

Of Nationalism they kill

On our streets

They have come again

With plush rhythm

Singing again

To rape our sanity

Their Goliath seize our songs of rainbow


They sing

‘We are one in chords

And symbol’

When Judas walk the street

Learning betrayal skills

They flame our minds

With gas and thunder

Forging streets to drown in its nile

They sing

‘We are one in chords

And symbol

When Tatabu takes politics

With unromantic policies

A teacher

With friendly rhythm

Dredges all our hidden

A philanthropist

Whose deeds turn catastrophic

Looting gains from public trophies

They have come again

Saints and demo-rats

Casting nets to grip remains

Defiling rivers shielding our heart

Terfa Danjuma Nenger is a graduate of Urban and Regional Planning who lives in Minna.  A performance poet with several audio poems to his credit, he’s also playwright, occasional essayist and a Naija langwej promoter. He is the current PRO of the Association of Nigerian Authors, Niger State with several literary works itching for publications.

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