Yinon Yahel – Three Poems

Gathering the Truth


That very girl

In whose eyes

You could drown

If you could just

Hold her gaze aloft

For a second or two


Truly, six lines

As embracing

As the peril.




The hand will ever remain rebellious

The brain – cold detached and repulsive


The unpleasant odor

The increasingly relentless reality


And not your fancy


And so, at long last – the long awaited


Finally awakened


Some conclusions are perhaps an action

And maybe a tiny – mini achievement.


A  Great Man in the Making


And I didn’t have

Even a moment

Of that

Wondrous/carefree and easygoing spectacular experience




Born old and wise and unwanted

Yet forever fresh in spirit


Always on the watch

Ready to serve

Slow to learn

Ever eager to please

Sometimes easy to fret on


All in all:

A great man

On the move and

In the making.