Yoav Gilboa


Phenomenon Emptying

I’m recovering my life through phenomenon-emptying pills;

And a whole life that I have not cured, have not won – I collected.

And I’m swallowing the rest of my strengths by the haste of the devil,

By his extended hand towards Hades and towards the traces of time.


My days’ weight, my cogs’ weight, the physical weight of my heart

With its ventricles and its pumps, throbbing me and pushing me

To move towards my life’s dream and the abandon of soul.


Thus I’m abandoning and being abandoned in the prime of my youth,

For my relatives shall know that I learned to glide –

To move among tumult’s dribbles.


Compassionate and merciful I shout, within beats of loss and rotting,

Darkness and asceticism – the act’s supremacy and the sweat’s craving.


My forced choice is scratching my back,

in shapes of modern sanctity marks –

Praise the victory, praise the slant.


And by swindler’s parchment, there I’ll know, that I chose to take off

Towards the tight moon of morning darkness.