Pakistan (Lahore) – IndoPak Project by TBR

As part of our Indo-Pak Project, we had two simaltaneous events in Mumbai and Lahore, on 22nd April 2016, celebrating our love for literature, together, across borders.

In our Lahore Edition, we started off with a panel discussion with two Graphic Novelists, Zain Naqvi & Haider Ali who recently published their book, Sparrow at Heart which is essentially based in Bombay. Moderated by Dr Furrukh, the panel discussed the challenges and scope of graphic novels and the possibility of creative cross border collaboration through this medium.

The Panel was then followed by a Talk with Author, Kanza Javed on Cross Cultural Collaborations through fiction writing.

The event then ended with a poetry slam session, where young poets expressed themselves through verses and words.

This was our second International event, set in the culturally rich city of Lahore, we couldn’t be more grateful to our team in Lahore; Zuha Siddiqui, Baneen Fatima & Sara Siddiqui for making this event a successful one.

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