Issue 33; August, 2020

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Hello dear readers!

Hope you are keeping safe during these times. We are glad you landed on this little magazine of ours. The Bombay Review publishes a steady mix of literary pieces online, conducts events in more than 30 countries, and works on literature development projects in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. More about us here.

We have quite a few interesting pieces of short fiction for you this month. Yes, we went monthly to accommodate more work that we could not publish earlier. Some of the stories here were in our long-list of different editions and anthology. Watch this space for more new fiction in the August, 2020 issue. Happy reading!

Yours sincerely,
Team TBR

August | Fiction

Fiction | ‘Dump City’ by Ron Dowell

Juan Carlos Martinez sits high atop a newly bulldozed trash mountain, in Dump City Guatemala, shading his eyes from the muggy stench of summer. He hates work and will tell Mamá and Araceli once he… More

Fiction | ‘Barna’ by Kanishq Banka

Like a despondent autumn leaf, Barna’s feet carried her forward. Her body moved, while her mind sank deeper into the puddle of anxiety. She clutched the small cloth purse with both her hands and paced… More

Fiction | ‘Shabaahat’ by Sobia Abdin

Maryam A dry loo blew over Maryam’s desolate courtyard, plucking a handful of pink bougainvillea hanging lazily over the wall of the verandah. She heard the soft clink of the bangles she had left out… More

Fiction | ‘Voice’ by Madhavi Johnson

It was a chilly Saturday afternoon in New York City. A young African American hostess prepared the audience gathered in the warmth of the Harlem Repertoire theatre for a ‘smooth and joyful voyage to unknown… More

Fiction | ‘Bleed’ by Medha Dwivedi

There are certain things a man cannot do. Like bleed every month; even in June. Ma wanted me to stay home on such days. She would try to convince my ten-year-old brother to take lunch… More


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