The CPB Young Writing Fellowship

The CPB Young Writing Fellowship
The Bombay Review

2021 – 2022


December update: Applications have been processed, and the Fellowship is tentatively expected to begin soon. All the Fellows have been declared for the 2021-2022 fellowship.

Quick snapshot: 10 young writers between 20 and 25 will be selected for the Fellowship. They will work on their writing and assist in TBR projects over weekends (only) for 8 weeks, receiving a stipend of INR 10,000 each. The fellowship is from home at the moment.

UPDATE: August, 2021 – The Longlist is being processed, and names will be added to the list below as they get confirmed. Please don’t email/DM us asking for your specific applications.

Longlist for The CPB Queer Writing Fellowship

  1. Urooj Rizvi
  2. Shaarvari Shreenath
  3. Malayka Shirazi
  4. Khushi Bajaj
  5. Sanjana T
  6. Prithvi Vatsalya
  7. Mayookh Barua
  8. Saachi Gupta
  9. Anonymous

Winners (final):

  1. Khushi Bajaj (India)
  2. Malayka Shirazi (India)

Longlist for The CPB Young Writing Fellowship

Sudarshan Rajbhandari
Shuvangi Khadka
Tushar Rishi
Neha Mehrotra
Smriti Verma
Sneha Roy
Sandip Baidya
Ajay Sawant
Shuvangi Khadka
Udbhav Seth
Suhasini Patni
Devi Sastry
Arunesh Babu
Shubhangi Singh
Rishika Kaushik
Teresa Cherukara
Umera Fatima Riyaz
Yukti Bhagchandani
Tanishka D’Lyma
Mridula Sharma
Aakriti Jain
Stuti Banga
Satviki Sanjay
Sanaa Bhutani
Amruth Chinnappa
Nikhita Panwar

Zain Baweja
Fatymah Ishtiaq
Syeda Namayah Fatima Hussain 
Md. Abrar Shahriar Nafis (Nafis Shahriar) 
Nazifa Raidah

Winners (Shared Fellows have an option to take part in an interview for final selection or share the award money, with reduced commitments as part of the Fellowship.)

  1. Phusathi Liyanaarachchi (Sri Lanka)
  2. Amreeta Lethe Chowdhury (Bangladesh)
  3. Shanza Sarfaraz (Pakistan)
  4. Shuvangi Khadka (Nepal) Shared with Sneha Roy (India)
  5. Tushar Rishi (India)
  6. Udbhav Seth (India)
  7. Sanaa Bhutani (Shared with) Neha Mehrotra (India/US)
  8. Ajay Sawant (India)

UPDATE: MAY, 2021 – A vote was held to award 10 Fellowships of INR 10,000 each instead of 5 of INR 20,000 each as originally planned. More than 90% of the applicants voted positively for the former in light of the trying times of the pandemic in 2021 – and the vote was officially considered to update the award. The CPB Young Queer Writing Fellowship, earlier offering a single award, is now offering two in accordance of the above change. The Bombay Review will also reduce the workload – from our end to balance the cash award update.

10 Fellows

2 Months
(Weekends only)


Participate from home

INR 10,000 each

About the CPB Young Writing Fellowship

In 2014, The Bombay Review launched on a quiet college evening by two friends in Pune, India. 7 years later, we have realised that we are in a position to help the literary landscape of our home country, and the region. We began the year by funding new writing coming from LGBTQ+ and Dalit backgrounds, followed it with an annual creative writing award for fiction and poetry, and are now offering fellowships.

Over the years, TBR has been supported by a wide range of writers and poets from all over the world. From New York Times editors to Booker Prize winners, the 13 year old writer we published to Altaf Tyrewala’s 90 year old grandmother – it has been a diverse, and lovely journey.

These literary fellowships represent a significant fulfillment of one aspect of our continuing mission: to recognize, publish, and support extraordinary authors in the early stages of their careers.

General Information

This fellowship at The Bombay Review offers qualified young individuals time to develop as writers by receiving a modest stipend, healthy work space for writing, and mentorship from our magazine editors. Fellows will receive INR 10,000 over the course of 2 months, and do not have to be physically present in either New York or Mumbai. In light of the pandemic situation, the fellowship has moved completely online.

Points to note:

  • Fellows will undertake a significant writing project.
  • Assist with creative and editorial projects for The Bombay Review’s website and social media.
  • Participate in the readings and events curated by the magazine.
  • The average workload will be 10 hrs / week for 8 weeks.
  • Fellows will participate in reading and writing exercises, workshop and discussions.
  • Reviewing pieces of other Fellows will be a compulsory requirement.


Eligible candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Age between 20 (as of June, ’21) and 25 (as of Jan, ’21).
  • A BA/MA/BFA/MFA in creative writing, English literature, or comparative literature ongoing or completed is preferred. However, we are also actively seeking writers from outside traditional education streams in literature.
  • Must be a citizen (or origin) of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and Maldives.

All application materials must be submitted by April 30th, 2021 for full consideration.

Application fee (Applications closed)

Early Bird – 1st January – 8th February – INR 500 (CLOSED)
Normal Birdie – 9th February – 31st March – INR 750 (CLOSED)
Bird – 1st April – 25th April – INR 1,000 (CLOSED)
Supported funding fee – 26th April – 30th April – INR 800 (CLOSED)

Thanks to support funding from Covid relief partners, the fee for the last 5 days of application window has been brought down to INR 800. This is only for applications coming from within South Asia.

Current: (INR 800) – Pay Here
Current: Bird (USD 15): Pay Here (PayPal)

Please use PayPal if your country doesn’t allow payment to go through Instamojo. Group discounts are also available if 3 or more applicants apply together (Closed now). This application fee is non refundable.

Application Information

NOTE: Please fill the form after paying the application fee, because the form requires you to upload proof of fee payment.
Applications should include the following, these will be uploaded on the form above:

  • A cover letter
  • A curriculum vitae
  • 3-5 poems / prose (preferably one piece, maximum three) > 1500 words < 4,000 words
  • 3 articles/pieces pitches that you think The Bombay Review should publish in this section – (Add this in the space for cover letter on the application form)
  • One letter of recommendation on a letterhead with official contact details. Professors and employers preferred.
    (Due to pandemic restrictions – the letterhead is not an absolute requirement)

Did you just come to know about the Fellowship? Too late to get the letter of recommendation? Don’t worry. For applications that come in between April 27 and April 30, the letter of recommendation can be sent in later. If you are shortlisted, we will ask for your letter at a later date. In such cases, please upload a document stating that you are delayed, in the form where the LOR is asked for.

Timeline for the 2021-2022

  • 1st January, 2021: Application opens
  • 30th April, 2021: Application closes
  • July-October: Longlists and Shortlist
  • November: Winners Announced
  • December, 2021: Fellowship begins (tentative)

Two Fellowship awards are reserved for Queer writers from South Asia.

In loving memory of Mrs. Chandra Prabha Bajpai (1969 – 2021), the Fellowship is financed by the editors of The Bombay Review.
Administrative costs, and application processing is financed by the entry fee.