Jobs and Internships


Are you interested in working with The Bombay Review? We are currently open for a  variety of internships which can be done remotely, and a few part-time positions. The Bombay Review is a voluntary enterprise, which works on a non-profit model. The paid positions are highly competitive, and require prior experience (2-5 years) + physical availibility in Bombay/New York.

Note: We are primarily inviting applications for voluntary internships as of now. The paid part-time positions have an acceptance rate of 2.2% (2 accepted for every 100 applications received). Certificates are provided for all. Internships can be from 1-3 months, remote, and can be completed while studying or working elsewhere.

Looking for graphic artists and designers, marketing and social media strategists, content creators, project and event leads, newsletter curators, among others. Knowledge about Adobe Suite, SEO, Ad tools is also preferred for roles involving the same.

  1. Previous editing experience preferred at a publication house/magazine (Internships considered)
  2. Publication history (if any) of either editorial work or your own fiction.
  3. Microsoft Word 10 or higher, a high speed internet connection, availability to talk to the client and TBR team.
  4. Educational qualification: Degree(s) in literature, mass media, communication, journalism and creative writing are preferred but not necessary.
  5. Excellent reading comprehension skills and an eye for detail.
  6. Ability to work accurately and quickly.
  7. Excellent writing and research skills.
  8. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  9. You should be interested in the causes TBR works around and is specially interested in. If you are funny, we already like you.
  10. In-depth knowledge of one or more style guides (APA, the Chicago Manual of Style) is an asset for book editing openings. (None as of winter, 2022)
  11. If you get selected to work for a client based outside South Asia, you need to have a PayPal account to receive payments.
  12. Please send your resume (work/publications interlinked), cover letter detailing why we should consider you (350-700 words), social media links, 1-2 references (if any), contact details.
  13. Mail us your applications at, with the subject: ‘Application – Job name (Internship/Freelancer in…) – Your Name’