Grants for Literary Communities

Do you run a creative writing / literary initiative?

A magazine, a website, a collective, a book club, a small press, a social media handle?

We want to help you!


If you are a new venture or initiative, we would be happy to provide you resources, funding, and guidance. It is not easy to sustain art and creative writing ventures, and considerably more so in South Asia. India, our first home, has no dearth of inspiring ideas, full of hope and promise. This is a small effort to bring these ideas to fruition.

Do you believe you have created something of value? Is your venture empowering marginalized voices?

Write to us:; please direct any queries at the same email ID.

Things we require in the email.

  1. Statement of purpose. (500 words)
  2. ‘About Us’: your work; the founding, background, history, the team members, the bios of team members, and anything else you wish to tell us. (Up to 1,000 words)
  3. A breakdown of the planned usage of funds : this can be approximate and anticipatory. 
  4. Assume you have received the grant, and it has been one year. What has changed in and with your initiative? (300 words)
  5. Can we accept a payback in kind? How do you think you can best help us? (300 words)
  6. Links: Of your venture, its social media handles, and your professional profile.
  7. The subject of your email must be – ‘Application for TBR Grant – Your Name’.

While we are looking to award grants to as many ventures as possible; these are subject to the proposals submitted. A single year might see as many as 5 grants, or none. What we are considering: Zines, magazines, websites, and blogs primarily. Socially relevant and ventures amplifying marginalized voices will be given preference. Social media pages might be awarded grants as well, depending upon other factors. The follow/like count of these are not relevant for consideration. Your venture must be at least 1 year old as of 30th September, 2020. Our decision will be final and binding. If you are awarded, a memorandum (with further possible conditions) will be sent to you for signature. 

Paid opportunity for New Dalit Writing in English.

Details Here.