Issue 17-Jan 2017-NYPS Special



  1. Aalia’s Poem-Aastha Singh
  2. Oh Ah-Akshay Balan
  3. Numb-Annapoorna Chakrabarty
  4. Pink-Arushi Aggarwal
  5. I am beautiful-Avleen Lamba Kaur
  6. Home-Bhavya Bhagtani
  7. How to Survive Med School as a Closet Cannibal-Deeksha Grover
  8. The Ballad of the Weeping Song-Jeyapaul Caleb
  9. An Instruction Manual for the Manipulated Mind-Minal Sukumar
  10. How Deeply Ingrained Is It In You-Mythili Sripad Bhat
  11. Schmackerel Schmack Ganachik Fries-Navya Sah
  12. I Can’t Believe I Let You Get Inside My Head-Oshin Padhye
  13. Vulgar-Priyanka Sutaria
  14. To you-Reetobaan Datta
  15. Goodnight-Rhea Iyer
  16. Objectification-Roshni Raheja
  17. The Indian Body is a Graveyard-Tanushree Baijal
  18. The Lavenders-Utkarsh Pathak
  19. My Grandmother Is All Strength-Vibhuti Gour

Special Feature

Interview of Ulrike Almut Sandig by Nandini Varma