Submissions are now closed till further notice.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Submissions must be sent as Microsoft Word attachments (.doc or .rtf) via
  2. Please make the editor’s job easy: Each fiction submission must be a new email thread, attach only one submission per email, use an appropriate email subject: “Submission: Short Fiction:<piece name>”. For poetry, submit all the poems as attachments in one email.
  3. Please give the document an appropriate title. Best would be <author> – <piece title>.
  4. Do include a two-three line third person bio of yourself, in the body of the email, along with your country and city of residence and nationality (if different).
  5. For short fiction, we encourage stories which are between 1000-4000 words. In case it exceeds the word limit, we might just consider it if it is exceptionally good.
  6. We accept poetry of any length.
  7. Submissions are open all year round.

Style Guide

  1. Set the Language setting to U.K. English in your word processor.
  2. Ensure your submission is checked for spelling errors, grammar, punctuation, and consistency before submission to save time.
  3. Please include a legend that explains non-English words.
  4. Use Times New Roman, double line spacing for the text.
  5. Include your name under the title of the piece.

Copyright reverts to author/photographer three months after publication. We reserve the right to reprint the work for a print-based anthology at a later date. In case you submit a piece accepted by us elsewhere after these three months, you are required to mention that it was first published in The Bombay Review.

By submitting a piece to us, authors accept that the submitted material is their original work and no portion of it has been reproduced from any other source or work without the consent of the original author. Please note that we do not make plot or character changes, and believe that the writer submits his or her best work. We will only be doing basic grammatical editing.

We do not consider previously published pieces. Neither do we pay writers at this moment.


37 thoughts on “Submit”

  1. I’ve sent a mail as per all the instructions… next what?

    Liked by 1 person

    • If selected, you will receive an acceptance mail. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are not able to reply to each submission individually.


      • Normally, what is the time you take to send out an acceptance mail? If I haven’t heard back from you even after 90 days of submission, do I assume that my work has been rejected? Thanks.


  2. I am writing from Kolkata. I would like to know if your Magzine accepts English translations of poetry from the regional languages, say Bangla


  3. Lahari Mahalanabish said:

    I would like to know the approximate period within which I can expect a response if my submission is selected.


  4. I write short stories within 1000 words in US English. Will that suite your magazine? Thanks


  5. I write poems. How do I submit?


  6. Do you publish the content in hindi too ?


  7. Stephen Adinoyi said:

    I have not received a feedback on the short story I submitted..


  8. Toti O'Brien said:

    Do you accept simultaneous submissions?


  9. Sachin Jalan said:


    Do you also pay the writers if they are published?


  10. sachinjalan90 said:


    Do you also pay the writers who’re published?


  11. I submitted my poem for bombay review and i did not get any reply. This is my mail my name is abayomi ogunniyi


  12. darthduckie said:

    Hi, do you accept simultaneous submissions?


  13. Mayakuntla Prudhvi Raj said:

    I’ve submitted a few poems , how will i know if it has been accepted/selected?


  14. Hi, Do you accept historical narrative fiction? Or are you mostly contemporary?


  15. Hello. Please can I submit an entry that won a poetry prize last month?


  16. Pronoy Das said:

    Sir the authors whose work dosen’t get selected, do you still let him know or advice him any idea or point to improve?


  17. I am a published illustrator. I want to illustrate for the bombay review. How can that be implemented?


  18. I have submitted my unpublished work on 15/01/17 but have not received any reply yet. Please notify me of acceptance or rejecetion


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