New & Upcoming Writing

The Bombay Review offers a few select slots of the Advanced Writing Workshop to writers who submit work to us. The mini-portable MFA styled workshop includes mentor suggestions, structural recommendations, comments, rewrites, character/plot building, drama set up, grammar edits, and more. There is back and forth discussion with the mentor for a couple of days; before a final draft of the story is readied for publication. 

Below, are the Workshop Editions of The Bombay Review, a series titled ‘New and Upcoming Writing‘. We are currently reading for Volume III of the series. 

Want to participate in our Workshop? 

Creative Writing Fiction Workshop (Starts at $70)
Creative Writing Poetry Workshop (Starts at $50)

It’s simple – submit the form on the pages above and wait for us to give you a slot. We fill out a month in advance, so you can expect your turn to come 30-45 days after form submission.

Please note, that only the writers selected by us in the Advanced category are featured here. If you have not been offered an Advanced slot, please submit again after 60 days to be considered for publication.

New and Upcoming Writing Vol III – University

The best of workshop writing; a selection of prose and poetry pieces from students of arts currently enrolled in a university.

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