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Creative Writing Workshop
New and Upcoming Writing Editions

Fiction at The Bombay Review
Every Month

Available Spots:
Advanced – 8 / month
Beginners – 7 / month

Who can participate?

Advanced workshops are only offered by us exclusively. If you have been offered an Advanced level workshop, your work is featured in New and Upcoming Writing volumes.

For regular workshops, anybody with an interest in writing, reading and all things words. Applicants will be put into two categories: Beginners (No publication) and Advanced (Publication)

We are booked 30 days in advance, so the workshop will begin 40 days from date of application.


Have you written a short story or an essay, and are not sure what to do with it?

Do you want to be guided by a leading literary magazine?

How about a chance to read your work at our readings that happen in New York, Mumbai, Delhi, San Francisco and other cities?

Do you want to be in the company of some great writers?

How would it feel to have your work read by tens of thousands of people?

Curious about things that make good writing stand apart from all the others that swarm the internet?


Fill this form to confirm your spot.

Want to take the workshop? Glad to have you on board!

If you have reached here through our email to you, please know that we will only be publishing writers who have been selected by us in the Advanced/Experienced category. Fill the form to reserve your place. We only have 8 slots for publication per month. Here is how the process looks like:

From your end:

  1. If you have landed on this workshop page from our reply to your submission email, you already have a short fiction piece ready. If you don’t, write a short story or an essay, between 1500 – 6000 words.
  2. Use a word processor to clean formatting, and do a spell check.
  3. You are advised to read previous issues of the magazine to have an idea of what we look for.
  4.  Here are some of our favorite short stories: I am Man, Wishful Thinking, The Excommunication of Bartholomew, My Time at Boyonika.
  5. General submission guidelines can be found here.
  6. Your submission can made only through this Google Form

Selection process:

  1. Based on your writing, we will put you in either of the two categories: Beginner or Advanced.
  2. What does that mean?

    Beginner: You are new to having your writing published in a professional magazine (You have less than 2 publications in magazines/journals). We will guide you, discuss your work, do a comprehensive edit. We hope we will be able to raise your learning graph in the field of creative writing.
    Advanced: You have probably been published before and have a general idea about literary fiction. The workshop will guide you, discuss and contemplate plot points, character arc, structure and so on.  Your work will be published in the ‘New and Upcoming Writing’ segment of the magazine.

  3. Once we have placed your short story, we will wait for the payment to be made, before starting work.

Workshop and Publication:

  1. One of our editors will make changes, edits, and give comments on your writing. This will be an interactive (Email/Google Docs) process, where we will regularly discuss work with you.
  2. The editor might get on an email chat as well, critiquing your work, and giving you feedback on writing, style, and your genre.
  3. The back and forth communication between the writer and instructor can go on for sometime, but we try our best to finish work within 14 days.
  4. After you, the writer, are convinced of the final draft, it will take us anywhere between 15 days to 60 days to feature your work.

What kind of Mentor-ship/Editing will be provided in the workshop?
Watch the short clip below. All or some of the below will be applied to your writing.

Apart from our guidance we also offer:

  1. Reading material (Licensed and not available on the internet freely)
  2. Artwork design to go with your short fiction piece.
  3. Videos on the craft of writing, reading, and having your work considered professionally

(Please note this is not a class, and all communication will happen via email)

Cost of the Workshop
Calculated per word

Beginner (Non Publication): INR 4.0 / USD 0.055 / EUR 0.046
Regular (Feature subjective): INR 5.0 / USD 0.066 / EUR 0.055
Advanced I (Feature subjective): INR 3.0 / USD 0.04 / EUR 0.04
Advanced II (With Publication): INR 4.0 / USD 0.055 / EUR 0.046

The amount to be paid for our workshop is different for each writer.
You can calculate the cost by multiplying the total number of words in your short story (Min 1,500 words) with the rates given above by currency.

Minimum cost is INR 7,000 / USD 100 / EUR 80


Participate and send your short fiction to us now!
For queries: email us at and

You will be in great company with us! Writers who have been involved with or published in The Bombay Review have had their work appear in some stellar avenues!