Oh Ah-Akshay Balan

Illustration by Malaika Sujeet

12 particles and 4 forces
Are what we find when we look at the matter
And nature of the universes
There are some things that are more significant than others
And there are some that seem more significant to us.
Then there are some things that we just don’t know
And those are the things we live for.

The protons, neutrons and electrons
And positrons and other jargons
Within each one of the atoms within each one of us,
Couldn’t possibly know that they are positive, neutral, negative,
Positronic, or that they are jargonic.
They just are what they are and that’s all there is to it.
We are what we are, but there is more to it.
We are conscious and aware,
But anxious in despair of knowing that we are and not why we are.
And that exactly is why we are.


We are quite common
The atoms that we are;
Just a collection of cheap elemental elementary chemistry,
A simple assortment of ingredients from the retail store.
Hydrogen,  Oxygen , Calcium, Nitrogen and a whole lot of Carbon
Along with a few more.


It should be easy enough to conjure up and create ourselves, the masters that we are.
But we couldn’t even begin to try.
One can’t expect to build oneself anew
Like a concoction in a test tube.
Take the nitrogen out of thin air,
Bake the carbon from burning coal,
Carve your bones with chalk powder and lime stones
Mix and stir in a water bowl.
But you will never find a single human soul
That would look at it and swear,
To say “That’s you, right there”

I wonder why

Akshay Balan is a writer-ish human based in Bangalore. He loves engaging himself with poetry and films and hopes to make a living out of it.