Reuven Shabbath – Three Poems



Your collected visibilities

On all crossroads are

A blue bagel of Jerusalem’s moon

That fills your heart


Night’s fractures appear in

The windows of your home


Evening bars on chance love


But in my eyes

I see yours


In mine.




My happiness voyages

To look at you


Amongst dripping rain drops

Flows in hasty paces


Into my eyes

Lucid mountain air breaths

The smoothness of your hair.




Inadvertently, wordless

Whispering secrets with you

Ephemeral moments


My eyes glances at your face

your hair

your body’s poetic soil


As a city in futility is shrouded

Hot streets


And at times

That which we have between us

Even invisible walls

Of unknown silences

Are unable to hide.


Translated by: Oshrit Mintz