Tea Party – Sahana Subramanyam


Tea Party- by Sukanya Roy.JPG

He built a doll-house at a young age

the inside pristine and yet the outside grey

he brushed and tied the doll’s hair

pinned up and ready for his sister to play


he checked to see if his Father watched

and got the tea brewing for a minute tops

until his sister came prancing in

squeaking with delight, then,  evident shock


the family followed to see him there

a company of three

he, the doll  and the teddy bear

drinking tea from the china ware


it clattered to the floor where it lay

as the Father looked and simply stared

and managed to speak:

“thats your mother’s job let it be”

Sahana Subramanyam is an eighteen year old student currently pursuing economics in Bangalore. Her poetry and music usually revolve around themes of gender, sexuality and women rights written in an accessible rhythmic prose.