The time never returns – V B Sree Harsha

The time never returns,
when there were no cars but carts, when the fight for freedom was on and when people went on trading unawares, that someone was inventing a steam motor somewhere and the orange skies of the setting sun had put an end to the day’s work, because someone like ‘Graham Bell’ and ‘Einstein’ never retired, as they didn’t know when the sun rose and when it retired.

On the other side, conflict of religions had been rising and wars began to get their hands on opium, as industrial revolution rose to the fight for occupancy. Where a person somewhere is dreaming a world of peace, unaware of the revolts in the neighbouring country, where the struggle for freedom is pushed stronger

than it ever had been and the railways came in handy to transport goods, but were burnt and looted to stop foreign trade. And the struggle to gain independence began, and borders of nations were drawn, but someone at someplace at that darkest hour was trying to get food, unaware about a man who was walking past the

deserts in search of trade, sun striking from the edge of his eye, tired and weary, not knowing that nations were fighting for wealth and reign over another, while children somewhere were playing cricket game

with a bat straight as a stick, when a deathly sound was heard from far. As ‘hiroshima’ collapsed, fear and death cries went through the skies and all this happened long ago. The time before I was born and a glimpse I

couldn’t catch… but thinking back into ages puts me into deep thought, running miles from nowhere to an unseen distant. Boundaries blinding my eyes and pinching the deepest point of my heart to narrate it, but whenever I do, something remains untold.



V B Sree Harsha hails from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. He is pursuing computer science engineering from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. He likes to travel, form new relationships and think for long hours.

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