Poetry | ‘Honeymoon’ & 1 more poem by Kenneth Pobo | LGBTQ+ (Vol I) – Issue 35


When I married Stan, we 

honeymooned on Triton, a lovely

hotel built from frozen nitrogen.  Oh, 

that was grand.  235 degrees

below zero made us cling tightly. 

Lonely Neptune captured Triton.  

It worked out well for everyone.  

Stan and I plan a second honeymoon.  

This time we’ll jump on a methane 

ice trampoline, hold each other 

with every leap, kiss in mid-air 

the way Nereid and Naiad do 

when our telescopes have 

gone to sleep. 


Dad, if I tell you I’m the fig newton 

in the box of raisin cookies,

will you get it then?  

You’re a mailbox,

a slot that can’t be opened.  

I’m the letter falling 

on the sidewalk.  Still,

I keep trying to get through–  

we’ll be better friends then. 

The mail will arrive, 

all of it.

Kenneth Pobo has a new book forthcoming from Assure Press called Uneven Steven.  His work has appeared in: Amsterdam Review, The Fiddlehead, Paris Lit Up, Hawaii Review, and elsewhere.

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