Poetry | ‘Goodbye’ by Sri Ranjani R | Creative Writing Workshop



To be here,  at the edge of the cliff

taking a deep breath, realizing what I will miss

being still 

and watching thoughts all rush,

changing the striking incidents, to memories in a hush

I can’t stop; my eyes tear up

not knowing when I would smell my pup.


Gazing at the fields of my patti’s tea

to feel her touch with a nosh for me,

the rides and tricks with my dad

making me laugh, tears too; a tad

drama at dawn, stories at dusk

braiding hair with my confidant’s musk

a best friend’s.


Little did I know about pain, this hard

makes me shiver – a piercing shard,

“You’re going for good,” they say

as if what I am going through is nay,

never been in a place like this, never had to face

Yet, I bow down, and tie the lace.


I turn back now, to see the turf

preparing myself for the journey – to surf,

tomorrow, it’s all going to change

with the old man’s truck – rustic and orange


no more doubts or the whys,

all that’s left, all that stays – is my goodbye


Sri Ranjani R is a 19-year-old South Indian and an International English Olympiad silver medalist. She is currently pursuing her management studies at the Indian Institute of Management Rohtak, India.

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  1. I didn’t know you had such a great talent keep going !!!
    Lives the poem

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