Poetry | ‘For Frida Kahlo’ by Atreyee Majumder | Issue 37 (Jan, 2021)

For Frida Kahlo

For the bluehouse woman,
A blue house was built.
Woman of azure azul.
The linen madame
Of housewifey kitchen.
For the thickbrow woman.
The so-called woman.
The jilted one.
Painted one.
Sore and salty.
One that was her own fetish.
The two-faced one
The naked-naked one
The mirror-clad whore
Middle-parted bitch who
Built herself the bluehouse.
For whom the bluehouse arose.
For whom the death of blue.

Atreyee Majumder is a poet, writer and anthropologist currently teaching at the O P Jindal Global University. She is researching the contemporary life of Krishna bhakti in Vrindavan and recently finished a PhD dissertation at the Department of Anthropology, Yale University. Her first book on the time and space related to late stage capitalism – Time, Space, and Capital in India – is published with Routledge (2018), while other work has appeared in Cafe Dissensus EverydaySunflower Collectivethe RIC JournalThe Bangalore Review and The RIC Journal.

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