Poetry | ‘Still’ & ‘Words heard in Dreams’ by David Leo Sirois | Issue 37 (Jan, 2021)

Still (a meditation on meditation)

The dead can do it.
From them I learn
to be still, & quiet.
Still, my thoughts are loud.
Still I murmur in images.

Still, there are
miniscule movements
I can’t control, when I sit “still” ~
gentle tremble
of hands, eyes, lips…
& the mind’s blizzard
of pointed letters.

In a not-quite-forgotten
full lotus pose ritual
I begin to fill my body with
an expanding soul
steeped in the spirit of the
whole universe’s blue lotus.
One turning.

Night unfolds the contours
of her charcoal velvet blanket,
& I sense my red magnetic
spirit drawn toward you
more than beforehand ~
another movement
I cannot control.

My emptied hands reach
for the circle of light
you wear around your
dancer’s figure
across the border river.

Echoes of your evening teachings…
lightning on my inner night’s horizon.
Electric charges surge through your form,
flicker in your liberated laughter
& gentle maple sugar tones
to flash truths before my heart’s eye.

In the beginning was the Word,
& the Word is with you still.

Words Heard in Dreams

(Age 6) “Your life is just one dream I am having. I have dreamt many lives before you.”

(6) “You have to give up one of your senses. Which one do you choose to lose?”

“Come to poetry, come to me!
Go to music, go to me!”

“This is the year of the Key.”

“When all the inner obstacles fall away, you naturally enjoy the highest state.”

“BEING so good, being SO good, being so GOOD.”

“I would pick up two things off this desk ~ Eternity, & your present time with her.”

“There is a way out of this dream,
& for you it is through love.”

“Spaces are known by what they hold.”

“The body of Light. This is the body of Light.”

“Do you mind living in a haunted house?”

“Just be aware. She’s everywhere.”

“It is the third road we must take in the end, the path within.”

“How do you wish to wear the work you bear?”

“Strum the lines on the calendar.”

“May wisdom walk at your side
& speak for you when you stray.”

“How many stories are hidden
at the bottom of every pocket on this street?”

“To love to be free to see.”

“Turn the key of pure awareness
in a keyhole the size of your own body.”

“Hold your mind,
hold your light ~
his coming-to
has come into sight.”

“Why are you still
barking into a well?”

“Careful ~ everything here’s on a timer.”

“We’re turning into a tree.”

“See what you can do with silence.”

“’People dream?’ says the dust.”

Does it have to be hard to design words?”

“If you are not in the sequence of the heart, what next?”

“We pursue & pursue the truth until we need rest.
We finally see ~ we are pursuing our Self.
And then, the REST.”


“Are you awake enough to see from the eye of the heart?”

David Leo Sirois is a Canadian-American poet who has had 93 publications in six countries (USA, France, England, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg & Zimbabwe) in two languages so far. He lived & performed in Paris for seven years, where he hosted a weekly multi-art open mic called Open Secret. He now hosts the global open mic, Spoken World Online, from Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada, his birthplace. He won Third Prize in Winning Writers’ Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest, & his poetry has appeared in journals such as The Poetry Village, The Sunday Tribune Online, Ariel’s Dream, The Opiate, 21 Magazine, Time of the Poet Republic, The Gronthee, THE BASTILLE, Paris Lit Up, and Terre à Cièl. He is currently submitting two manuscripts for publication, and writing two more.

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