Iranian Edition (Vol I) | Art by Nooshin Zarnani | Issue 39 (2021)

“We may consider the invention of the mirror as one of the mysterious achievements of humanity, since it has created a possibility to see the ‘I‘ in different positions. An exchange between the subject and an object is formed in such a case, almost like observing infinity in paralleled mirrors.”

– Nooshin Zarnani

Nooshin Zarnani was born in Iran and graduated from Shahid Beheshti University with a degree in chemistry. She has art certificates in contemporary art, visual art, and art history, as well as experience in directing short films and video arts.

Her work has been featured in many exhibitions and art fairs in Iran, Malaysia, and Italy. Zarnani also has extensive experience as a curator and an art director in different galleries and at auctions. Most of her work is focused on women and women’s rights.

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