Iranian Edition (Vol II) | Art by Zahra Ashouri | Issue 40 (2021)

Zahra is a designer and illustrator from Iran. Her professional experience includes graphic designing for a number of art companies. As she developed and groomed her work, she decided to focus her creative efforts on bringing fiction characters to life through her art and graphic designing.

Some of the projects led her to make decorative sculptures and wall hangings that allure and brighten interior spaces. Before starting out, she had researched and thought about the primary material and tested different bases. Finally, she made her own paste which is similar to Paper Mache.

The base enables her to make wall hangings of up to two meters long, appropriate for both large houses and public venues such as coffee shops. The process involves several stages, including drawing the characters she plans to create, making the base and kneading it, making and removing the mold, painting using acrylic technique, and doing final corrections. Each of these steps takes a few days depending on the complexity of the design and size of the wall hanging. Zahra enjoys the light but important steps that make her art, and each piece takes hours to bring itself to fruition. She sells some of her work, and keeps some for her personal collection.


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