Upcoming Issues – 2020

Please look at general submission guidelines, publication policy and copyright towards the end of the page before submitting.

All selected contributors for Dalit Writing will be paid up to $15.
Regular solicited contributors will be paid $30.

LGBTQ+ Edition (Vol 2, Solicited contributors paid)
New Dalit Writing (All contributors paid)
Issue 38 – Feb, 2021
Issue 39 – April, 2021
New and Upcoming Writing (Vol 5)

  • <p class="has-dark-gray-color has-white-background-color has-text-color has-background" value="<amp-fit-text layout="fixed-height" min-font-size="6" max-font-size="72" height="80"><strong>LGBTQ+ (Volume 2/3)</strong><br>All genres<br>Deadline: 30th Dec, 2020<br>Email subject line – LGBTQ+ Edition – Your nameLGBTQ+ (Volume 2/3)
    All genres
    Deadline: 30th Dec, 2020
    Email subject line – LGBTQ+ Edition – Your name

  • New Dalit Writing
    All genres
    Email subject line – New Dalit Writing – Your name
    Payment: $15/₹1,000

  • Issue 38, Feb, 2021
    All Genres
    Deadline: 30th December, 2020
    Email subject line – Submission: ‘Genre’: Your name

  • Issue 39, April, 2021
    All Genres
    Deadline: 15th Feb, 2021
    Email subject line -Submission : ‘Genre’: Your name

Guidelines and Style Guide

Submission Guidelines Submissions must be sent as Microsoft Word attachments (.doc or .rtf) via email: submissions@thebombayreview.com Please make the Editor’s job easy, run a simple spelling and formatting check via your preferred software. For fiction, each submissions must be a new email thread. For poetry, submit all the poems as attachments in one email. For… More

Publication Policy & Copyright

Please read all the guidelines and notices below. Once published and/or having notified The Bombay Review of your approval to go ahead with publishing, the author/poet cannot withdraw/modify their submission.  We do not consider previously published pieces, and are also not able to give feedback or provide comments on rejected pieces. Due to our voluntary working… More

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Issues – 2020

    1. Hello, there is no theme in the pipeline at the moment, you can go ahead and submit for our regular issues.


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