Iranian Edition (Vol I) | Art by Parima Shahin Moghaddam | Issue 39 (2021)

Parima gets her inspiration from history and the realities around her. She tries to exhibit her feelings through different materials and tools, getting lost in the creative process and subsequently creating something new. Her own country is a huge inspiration to her and she tries to use the colours, textures and patterns of Iran interspersing it with those from the world around.  


Eastern Eyes – 1, 2 and 3
Mixed media, Photo computer collage, London. 2000

“The elements used for this portrayal are essentially Eastern, though the states expressed are universal: anxiety, loneliness, strength, frustrated desire, suppressed anger, resolved expectation and revenge.”

Jewellery 1, 2 and 3
“My Jewellery inspiration comes from my love to history. I used the Persian carpet technique to weaving my jewellery. I weaving all of my crystal, beads and stone together.”

Queen Elizabeth – 1 and 2
The love story of Queen Elizabeth l and Kings Fath-Ali Qajar
Medium: Mixed Media : Swarovski Crystal, Acrylic, Watercolour, Ink, Coloured Pencil
Size: 52X62, Year of creation: 2010, London, UK

The Lost Woman – 1 and 2
“Coloured Pencil, Watercolour | Collage
Size:  38X54 cm”

Parima Shahin Moghaddam was born in Tehran- Iran 1961, and started her artistic career at an early age of 16. She does variations of art: painting, illustration, graphic design, jewellery design, costume and set design for movies & theatre, puppet design and art direction. She has also been an art teacher for young children between ages of 3-16. Parima moved to London- UK in 1998, continuing a career as an artist with a stronger focus on jewellery making & design which she has had the opportunity to showcase in many couture and jewellery shops in London.

Parima also created workshops in design for children at the British Museum and The Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Currently, she works on a diverse range of art projects, mostly at her home studio.

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