Iranian Edition (Vol I) | Photography by Atieh Nouri | Issue 39 (2021)

What occupies Atieh Nouri’s mind shows up in her photographs. Memories, heartaches and herself, herself who bears life in a patriarchal society; and all these become photographs that have been exhibited inside and outside Iran throughout the years.

Series Title: Abandoned Places in Tehran

Atieh Noori was born in 1972 in Tehran, and began her photography career in 2001 in different genres: sport, cinema, social documentary, architecture, advertising and portraiture. However, her main focus has been the fine arts and portraiture. Throughout the years she has explored these genres and exhibited her work all around the photography scene of the region.

Some of her notable projects include: ‘Grandmother’, ‘Vartan’, ‘At five O’clock’, ‘The Bride’ and ‘Documents’. A few pieces from ‘Documents’ and ‘Neo-expressionism in contemporary Iranian Art’ were exhibited at Pardis Mellat Gallery and Shirin Art Gallery.

Categories art

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