Iranian Edition (Vol II) | Art by Ahlam Faez | Issue 40 (2021)

Grandmother’s Eyes

Technique: Digital; Grandmother’s eyes are weak and she is sad that she can not read the Quran. Glasses and words from the Qur’an are sent to by the birds of God. (This is a little boy’s prayer)  

In the twilight

Technique: Digital; At twilight, when the air is between darkness and light, man does not know if there is a wolf or a lamb from the distance, so he is afraid. Clothing also keeps one safe in places where there is no knowledge of the conditions, or more importantly, good and bad thoughts. During the twilight time, the woman sits comfortably in the safe shade of her dress and combs her hair. She is likened to a flower, and here the shadow is drawn in the shape of a flower.

Indigenous Music and World Thinking

Technique: Digital; This work is about indigenous music and global thinking. One of the musical instruments in Iran is “Daf”, which here is in the hands of an Iranian woman. The trees around the woman are symbols of music devices in different countries. In a sign of world peace, a representative from each country can be elected and hold concert.

Sabotage of a Son

Technique: Digital; In this work, a boy sneaks and trims his father’s moustache with scissors while he is asleep. In the past, men were very sensitive of their moustaches, and this gentleman is one of the great figures of the Qajar era in Iran.

The Tragedy of Mena

Technique: Digital; In September 2015, an unfortunate event that killed a large number of pilgrims from suffocation and by being crushed during the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Mina, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, made it the deadliest hajj disaster in history.

Ahlam Faez lives in Iran, is a graduate of graphics and has been illustrating for about ten years now. She has collaborated with several magazines and illustrated the book “Moon and Fish,” “Blue-Eyed Boy” and five volumes of the collection “Little Hands of Prayer.” She has also been the director of the “Hooma” Illustration Group and won several national and international awards for her work and exhibitions. Her Instagram is: @_ahlam.faez_

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