Iranian Edition (Vol II) | Photography by Samad Ghorbanzadeh | Issue 40 (2021)

These photographs are a selection from a decade-long photography project in the genre of Photomontage. Photomontage is a genre that shapes the photograph based on pre-existent ideologies in the mind of the photographer that are later taken to the field and later processed digitally. Each singular photomontage is constructed from various photographs with a converging concept. The dominant theme of most of these photographs is the human being. Aspirations, dreams, desires, needs, tension, memories and all that humanity encounters within its lifespan. Dreams and the unconscious are another running theme in the photographs. According to Freud, the unconscious is brimming with oppressed sexual desires and other oppressed needs that often reveal themselves in dreams: something that can be observed in the majority of these photographs, the dreamlike environment whose building blocks and essence signifies oppressed desires. There are also other elements such as animals that are each symbols of the world of the human unconscious.

– Samar Ghorbanzadeh

Samad Ghorbanzadeh, born in Oroumieh in 1984, holds a Bachelor of Graphic Design from Ferdowsi University in Mashhahd and a Masters in Photography from Tehran University of Art. His work has been featured in numerous personal and group exhibition and Installations such as Art Fact Tashkent, Mohsen Art Gallery, Silk Road (Rah-e-Abrisham) Gallery, Shirin Art Gallery, Seyhoun Art Gallery, Dana Art gallery, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Saba Art Academy. He also participated in Uzbekistan’s Photography Biennial, Italy’s Arte Laguna, Sony Photography exhibit London and Iran’s Photography Biennial.

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