2 Untitled Poems – Margot Black


your way of language 

dry against the bone

a mad scientist god

moving in another direction

driving to a plane beyond 

the color

the blue moon

my love

while light came darkly

ripping heart and stone

and a monument crumbling

soft places

and the underground

I am wanting I am wanting

and the never promise

I hear a voice that lasts five centuries

and what I could not deliver

a better world



you start this poem by the want of it

by what was twisted

by what was torn

jumping from place to place

it is your lie and my confusion

taking your silver and your mean streak

I find ten thousand demands

I find an unchangeable history

your cold hands working it out

making a deal with the hardness of cash

torn feelings and the last mistake

you were testing my heroes

letting them bleed

because you were limb from limb

Margot Block has been writing since the age of fourteen and has been published in Zygote Magazine, Contemporary Verse 2, Juice, the Collective Consciousness, Grub Street Literary Magazine, Bakwa Magazine and in the online journals BlazeVox and Kaleidoscope Online. She participated in the high school mentorship program with the Manitoba Writer’s Guild, working with Canadian poet, Carol Rose and won first prize in a poetry contest sponsored by the Writer’s Collective and an honorable mention in a poetry contest sponsored by the Lake Winnipeg Writers Group.